AIF: We Salute the Conference of the Irish Republican Prisoners’ Welfare Association

Dear Comrades at IRPWA,

We salute your annual conference and would like to emphasise our comradely support and solidarity to all the Republican Revolutionary political prisoners, their families and comrades.

Struggle and sacrifices of the political prisoners cannot be undermined by the further attacks of the imperialists and their puppet governments. The minds of the political prisoners are always filled with longing for freedom of our plundered countries by the attacks and exploitations of imperialism.

Political prisoners are beacon for our struggle and their sacrifices will always enlighten our path for socialism and we will expand our means for struggle with their involvement. Their bodies can be entrapped but their minds are free. They are Free Captives.

Today the struggle of political prisoners continue under harsh conditions they have been exposed to by further attacks on their rights. In Turkey political prisoners are abandoned in prisons to die in vein, despite there are many who cannot continue their lives in harsh prison conditions.  One of this is Ali Osman Kose whom has been incarcerated for over 39 years. Although international laws state that those who cannot stay in prison due to ailement must be released, the fascist Turkish state punishes to death in prison.

Very recently revolutionary prisoners Sibel Balac who was unjustly imprisoned to 8 years, Gokhan Yildirim to 46 years and Ileri Kizilaltun went on hunger strike demanding fair trial and freedom. The enemy had to release them due to their legitimate demands. They have once again showed us that only way to claim their right and freedoms are through struggle and resistance.

Those who resist against any attacks of imperialism will be triumph, those who don’t will rot.

We will always stay in solidarity with the Republican and Revolutionary prisoners in Ireland with support their struggle. This is our historical duty.

Freedom for all political prisoners.

Our day will come.

Anti-Imperialist Front


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