Committee for Freedom of 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey Made a Gathering in Athens

On Saturday, November 12, in front of the Greek Parliament in Syntagma held a gathering for solidarity to 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey that imprisoned in Greece . People’s Front of Greece and Greek Left EEK (Revolutionary Workers Party), Greek Political Prisoners Solidarity Committee, KKE-ML (Greek Communist Party Marxist-Leninst, ΚΕD (Communist Revolutionary Action), LAD (Anti Fascist People’s Action) and T-34 (Workers Group) started with slogans at 13:00. Later, in his speech, the representative of the People’s Front Greece emphasized that 11 revolutionaries from Turkey were sentenced to 333 years in prison under the orders of US imperialism and Turkish fascism, and called for participation in the appeal court to be held on November 16. Later, the representative of the Anti-Imperialist Front made a statement. The representative of the AIF talked about the unlawfulness in the case, the political decision that baked from US-EU imperialism, AKP fascism and collaborative Mitsotakis government and called for participation in the appeal court to be held on 16 November.
After the Anti-Imperialist Front Representative’s speech, representatives from the Greek Left made speeches. The importance of international solidarity was mentioned in the speeches and a call was made to take ownership of 11 revolutionaries from Turkey by attending the court.
The action, attended by approximately 100 people, lasted for 1 hour and the action was ended with slogans.

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