Irish Republican Political Prisoners Denounce Strip Searches

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association issued a statement on November 9, 2022. It reported information from prisoners in Maghaberry Gaol about forcible strip searches conducted against prisoners. These were in particular conducted against prisoners during hospital visits. One hundred strip searches have happened just in the past two weeks.


The statement noted that technology exists to check whether people are concealing anything, which makes strip searches “archaic”, and so the point of strip searches of prisoners by staff is merely to carry out humiliating assaults against them. It would probably be “career suicide” for a prison governor not to order such assaults, according to the statement.

The statement also denounces collaborationists for working to suppress the idea that there actually are Irish Republican prisoners today. “Most people today believe that there are no Republican Prisoners left, let alone Republican Prisoners being forcibly strip searched, extradited, administratively detained, serving indeterminate sentences, draconian licences and registers introduced by faceless shadow unaccountable agencies.”

Despite this obstacle, “Republican Prisoners represent the first line of defence for the cause of Ireland’s liberation. Our struggle is unceasing,” the statement says.

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