Rally on the 74th anniversary of Nakba was held in Austria. It also commemorated Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

A short march through the crowded shopping streets in support of Palestine took place on May 14 in Austria. About 300 people chanted slogans “Free free Palestine!”, “Yes Yes BDS”, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free”. Songs dedicated to the killed journalist Shireen were played as well.

Austrians and Palestinian people expressed their demands for justice and anger about the support and breech of neutrality by the Austrian government, which is close ally of the Israel state.

A coffin with photos of Shireen was put in the middle of the rally to pay tribute to her for her engagement with human rights and discovering the truth about the situation in Palestine.

There were also brochures distributed for the Gala of the Grup Yorum Film “Mahalle – The Quarter” which will be held on 20th May in Vienna’s Gasometer Cinema” and some cinema tickets were sold to comrades of the Palestinian Solidarity.

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