The Twitter Account of the Anti-Imperialist Front Has Been Suspended During the 20th International Anti-Imperialist Front Symposium

Anti-Imperialist Front’s (AIF) Twitter account has suspended while the sessions continued on the 3rd day of the “20th International Anti-Imperialist Front Symposium”, which was held in Athens, Greece, on 7-8-9 October 2022.
Our Twitter account has been suspended to prevent us from reaching the peoples of the world with the content of the speeches made on the topics discussed at our symposium.
Because our symposium was held to organize the anti-imperialist struggle against imperialism, to unite all anti-imperialist individuals, institutions and organizations in the world under the roof of the AIF and to commonize the struggle.
The suspending of our Twitter account proves once again that we are acting in the right direction and that our symposium is achieving its goal.
You can’t silence the AEC!
We will continue to organize the peoples of the world against imperialism and fascism!
We will continue to fight against imperialism and fascism!
Down with Imperialism!
Down with fascism!
Long live our Anti-Imperialist Struggle!
Anti-Imperialist Front
Note: Our new Twitter account: @aiftv1

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