Trial of 11 Turkish Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Greece Postponed to 1st December 2022

The hearing at the court of appeal in Koridallos Prison for 11 revolutionaries from Turkey who were arrested in Greece on 19th March 2020 was postponed to 1st December 2022.
Before the hearing started, the People’s Front (Greece) organised a press statement in front of the prison. In the statement made in Turkish, Greek and English, the unlawfulness experienced during the court process was explained and it was emphasised that they would fight for a fair trial. Approximately 35 people participated in the press statement where the slogans “We want justice for the 11’s we will achieve it”, “We want a fair trial we will achieve it”, “Down with Fascism Long Live Our Struggle” were chanted.
At the end of the trial, the Greek police attacked and tortured the prisoners who had been on hunger strike for 41 days.
We warn the Greek government once again, take your hand off our comrades. We will continue our struggle until we take our comrades from the hands of oppression.
We call on all our people to attend the Court of Appeal to be held on 1 December and to embrace the 11 revolutionaries from Turkey.

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