AIF statement after Caglayan action


Thousands of people lost their lives in the earthquake in Turkey on 6 February 2022 due to the government’s conscious policies.

On the anniversary of this earthquake, more than a hundred people were detained and more than 60 people were arrested after an armed action against the police point at the Istanbul Çağlayan Courthouse.

Among those arrested were sick people over 80 years old, lawyers, musicians and people from various sections of the society: People’s Law Office, Prisoner Families Assistance Association, İdil Cultural Centre where Grup Yorum was conducting its activities were among the institutions raided.

People were severely tortured under custody, boiling water was poured on a revolutionary named Aysu Baykal.

After 2 years of house arrest, Ayten Öztürk was arrested. People’s paramedics who were with the people from the first moment of the earthquake were arrested. The sole purpose of these raids is to intimidate people from all kind of struggle for the people and to intimidate the people themselves.

Including the 12 September coup period, there were never such oppressive conditions in Turliye.
AKP fascism persecutes everyone who is not one of them.

We condemn the AKP fascism for their cruelty.

As the Anti-Imperialist Front, we are against torture and torturers and we stand by the revolutionaries who fight for their people.

As our internationalist duty, we call on our comrades from all over the world to stand in solidarity with the revolutionaries struggling under very harsh conditions in Anatolia.

Solidarity is the only weapon of the people.

Long live the solidarity of peoples

Anti-Imperialist Front

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