In Italy Alfredo Cospito ended the hunger strike with political victory

On 18 April 2023
A hearing was held in the Constitutional Court on the case of Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino on the charge of political massacre (Art. 285 of the Penal Code) within the Scripta Manent trial.
It should be noted that the current Cirielli law (year 2005, Berlusconi government) prevents mitigating circumstances from overcoming aggravating circumstances in case of recidivism. In the case of Alfredo Cospito, in particular, this would have meant a certain sentence of hostile life imprisonment despite the fact that the action he and Anna are accused of did not cause any victims.
The court therefore ruled this rule unconstitutional. From the
 press release issued by the palace, it appears that the court raised doubts of constitutionality in general against all those cases where the fixed penalty is only life imprisonment.
Anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito has been on hunger strike for almost six months precisely against 41 bis and hostile life imprisonment. A struggle for which his comrade risked his life and during which he appears to have suffered irreversible neurological damage. Alfredo’s resistance was not just for himself, but for everyone, particularly in solidarity with anarchist, communist and revolutionary prisoners. This decision will have consequences not only for the fate of our comrade, but is a blow, however limited, to the institution of life imprisonment in Italy.
This political victory was a result of resistance of Alfredo and for solidarity movement, inside Italy and also internationaly. Many organisations, revolutionaries, anarchists, communists, solidarity committees, progressive people join make solidarity actions. In many different countries people spread the voice of Alfredo and demand abolish of 41-bis isolation regime. Because isolation is a torture. Is a policy of imperialism to attack to the revolutionaries, to make them to surrender. That’s why this struggle of Alfredo is a struggle not only for him, but also for all the people who fight against imperialism, fascism and unequality. Is a struggle for all those who resist for freedom and justice.
Long live Resistance!Long live Victory!
International Solidarity is the Weapon of the People!
                                             Anti-Imperialist Front

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