From Donbass: Borotba in solidarity with the Turkish and Kurdish left [ENG/SPA/TR]

Borotba in solidarity with the Turkish and Kurdish left

Union Borotba expresses its solidarity with the Turkish and Kurdish leftists that now lead an unequal battle on two fronts — against government repression and the terror of Islamic fascists.

A barbaric attack on the Socialist Youth summer camp claimed the lives of more than 30 comrades, and more than 100 were injured. Turkish leftists responded to this act of terror by the fascist Islamic State with retribution against known Islamist militants.

The Turkish government has not only failed to stop the Islamic fascists’ terrorist network, but actually assist them, by unleashing a crackdown against the communists. The massacre of leftist activists in Istanbul and other cities, and the bombardment of Kurdistan, have provoked a reaction from the fighters for socialism. Now in Istanbul’s Gazi neighborhood, communist guerrillas and local residents are engaged in an unequal battle with paramilitary police forces, while in Kurdistan the militia has entered into battle with the Turkish army.

We, the Ukrainian communists, express our solidarity with the struggle of our Turkish and Kurdish comrades. We know firsthand how a right-wing government uses fascists to destroy leftists and oppositionists, to intimidate the population. The struggle of communists in Ukraine and the struggle of communists in Turkey and Kurdistan is one struggle.

United front against fascism and imperialism — from Lugansk and Donetsk to Istanbul and Kobáne!

Union Borotba

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