On June 1-2, 2018, a meeting was held in the Greek capital city Athens on the theme “Let us build up the Anti-Imperialist Front”.

During the two-day meeting representatives from Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Ireland and Greece took part. In the meeting, which was organized by the Anti-Imperialist Front in Greece, in which supporters of the People’s Front take part, there was discussion of methods of struggle against imperialism over the two days.

Decisions taken after the meeting organized in Greece:

  • We are on the side of the peoples resisting imperialist attacks.
  • We must organize joint actions to build up our forces against imperialism.
  • We must organize protests targeting imperialism and NATO.
  • We must carry out joint actions in every country in support of the resistance of the Palestinian people.
  • Work in connection with political prisoners must be continued and we must organize solidarity with prisoners under torture whose trials are at present in progress.
  • We must continue to show solidarity with the music group Grup Yorum, targeted by imperialism and its collaborators, whose methods include putting a price on their heads.
  • We must come up with an action programme against the terror lists and the anti-terror laws, and be in solidarity with the revolutionary prisoner Musa Asoglu, who has had a price put on his head.
  • We must build up the Anti-Imperialist Front, opposing surrender to imperialism and liquidationist attacks.

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