Protest at the Embassy of Greece in Rome for the imprisonment of 11 revolutionaries from Turkey

An initiative formed in Italy in support of the unfairly imprisoned 11 political prisoners in Greece staged it’s first action After the number of meetings held by representatives of some organisations and individuals in Rome, the capital of Italy, a group was formed to support and show solidarity with the 11 revolutionary prisoners unfairly tried and imprisoned in Greece. The Non Solo 11 (Not Just 11) initiative took organised it’s first action on 17 June 2022 in front of the Greek Embassy. They had planned to go to the Greek Embassy with the representatives of the Non Solo 11 group, which was formed by lawyers and democratic mass organisations to announce their establishment, and demand to meet embassy officials and hand out the condemnation documents. However, the embassy officers, who were disturbed by this situation, refused to meet and did not come out to collect the documents. Thereupon, the group, which hung posters and leaflets on the iron-barred gates of the building, protested this situation in front of the embassy door and made continuous speeches. The embassy employees, who called the police as a result of their discomfort, said to the police that they were aware of the 11’s but they would not go down to the meet the representatives of the group and demanded that the documents to be placed in the postbox accompanied by the police. In the document submitted to the embassy, ​​it is stated that Greece will not be able to silence the revolutionaries with this unlawful prison sentence, and that they will continue their work until the unlawfulness against the 11s comes to an end and they are released. The Non Solo 11 group voluntarily ended their first action here. Group representatives provided interviews a few days before the protest and on the same day to three local radio channels about this unlawfulness.

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