Revolutionary Youth Europe: We stand by the peoples of Venezuela!

Revolutionary Youth Europe has published a new issue of it’s magazine in English. Apart from the issues affecting youth in Europe, they also rise awareness of international problems caused by imperialism. Below we are reproducing their article about the situation in Venezuela.

US imperialism has this time set eyes on Venezuela, it‛s trying to make the people of Venezuela surrender.

When we say US: wars, invasions, exploitation, the hunger of the peoples, and the peoples being condemned to poverty comes to mind.

Yes, US imperialism wants to dominate the world. It’s always coming up to us with an attack against a country. For example, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come to our minds. These countries are Middle Eastern coun- tries. US  imperialism intervenes not only in the Middle East but also in Latin American countries. It wants to put the countries there under it‛s own circle too. We are not going to write much about Latin American history, but one of these countries is Venezuela! Hugo Chávez was once in charge of Vene- zuela. In the Chavez period, Venezuela was frequently the agenda due to the interventions of the United States.

Now the US is trying to intervene in Venezuela by bringing its own collabora- tor to power.

Some time ago, the leader of the National Assembly, an illegitimate organi- zation, Juan Guaido, declared himself president of Venezuela, and immedi- ately, after the support of US imperialism, one by one the supporters of the USA dissolved relations with the Maduro government and recognised Guaido as president.

In the previous period, the United States imposed sanctions on Venezuela, which put the country in a crisis, and then under the name of “Anti-Maduro protests” they released onto the streets. Later, they attacked Maduro with a drone and planned an assassination.

In spite of the US bringing Guaido to the top, the Venezuelan army announced that it would be on the side of Maduro and declared a US-spon- sored initiative illegitimate. Next, Maduro called on the people of Venezuela to defend its independence. He announced that he has terminated all diplo- matic relations with the United States. He gave the diplomats 72 hours to leave the country.

So, overall, the US still pursues games in favour of its own interests. It‛s in pursuit of taking over a country, a peoples. We say that we are with the people of Venezuela. We stand by all the peoples who oppose US imperialism and struggle for their country’s independence. If the US is to attack, it will first attack that country’s government.

On the other hand, we argue that problems between the domestic adminis- trations and the peoples concerns the country itself, that it will be solved by the struggle of the people and cannot be solved with the support of imperialism coming from outside. In other words, every people should give their own national struggle, and they should not give up the cost of inde- pendence.

We as Revolutionary Youth Europe have a side! We stand by the people of Venezuela. Against imperialist attacks, US imperialism will be responsible for any event that will happen to the Venezuelan people.

The chief terrorist in the world is US imperialism! All the peoples of the world who fight against imperialism and fascism are ours!

The Venezuelan People Are Not Alone! Long Live International Solidarity!

Revolutionary Youth Europe

The magazine is available below.

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