Solidarity Action for the Release of Ali Osman Kose continues in London


Solidarity action in front of the Turkish Embassy continues on weekly basis in London.

Group of activist staged a protest in front of the Turkish Embassy in London on 11th August 2021, demanding the release of sick prisoner Ali Osman Kose.

Ali Osman Kose has been denied a proper treatment after the surgery performed on his kidney where a cancerous cyst covered all of his left kidney. It has been determined after thorough investigation that the cyst at that dimension could only form in 2-3 years. This is a clear indication of neglect that political prisoners face in everyday life within the prison system.

Furthermore the application by his lawyers for his release and postponement of his sentence has been rejected by the Constitutional Court of Turkey on the basis that he can reach health services and he has already been treated.

The penal code in the judiciary of Turkey allows prisoners who are gravely ill to be released whereas their life is in danger and the care they require is impossible in the prison. Ali Osman Kose has multiple health conditions which renders his care and the lack of carer makes his life even more difficult under the heavy isolation conditions.

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