To Comrades in the International Front Against Imperialism, Zionism and Fascism
To Comrades of the People’s Front of Turkey

And to the Comrades Participating in the Symposium

Revolutionary Greetings

The Lebanon Democratic People’s Party leadership presents our most cordial greetings and supports the symposium organised by the Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Zionist and Anti-Fascist Front. We apologise for being unable to attend due to the circumstances in Lebanon. We see each participant in the meeting as a representative.

Dear Companions

You are holding your meeting at a time when imperialist aggression has been escalated today, as well as at a time when we are passing through a critical process for our people, and even the whole world, all over the world. We are living in a process in which fascist oppression affects both the region and the world, with the help of the collaborationists of the region and the world, and of American imperialism, stemming from the capitalist global crisis.

The USA is losing global control as imperialist countries try to overcome crises, amid the emergence of new international poles and the global rivalry by developing countries and economies, and the imperialist countries are seeking to tighten their pillage, plundering and aggression.

One of the capitalist countries dependent on the imperialist centres is Turkey, where with repression, persecution, arrests, poverty, hunger and dismissals, the authorities are trying to show their obedience on a daily basis to imperialist masters by suppressing the revolutionary movements and responses by the people.

The struggle against fascist, terrorist, reactionary and opportunistic forces is also a means of struggle against imperialism.

The only way to prevent the imperialist and Zionist reactionary project is to establish a national and international revolutionary union on the basis of revolutionary and national programmes.

Resistance to imperialism is necessary to create international solidarity among peoples in order to strengthen the Front and oppose imperialist aggression. Our preference in the struggle against imperialism should be revolutionary forces, not forces that accept submission and defeat.

The Lebanese people have won the war with armed resistance against the Zionist occupation and have forced Zionism to withdraw unconditionally. In addition, the Syrian state, with its leadership, army and people, has repelled fascist takfiris, overcoming Arab and Turkish reactionaries and their imperialist masters, and is close to declaring victory. Finally, Yemen’s barefoot insurgents express self-sacrifice in the face of the American-Saudi aggression.

The heroic people of Palestine, who resist Zionist racism and aggression which is backed by imperialist governments, continue to be a symbol of resistance.

For nearly a century, the Palestinian people have been firmly in possession of their weapons, their historical right to Palestine, which is their own, from the river to the sea.

The government of Turkey will pay a price for its intervention in Syria and direction of and assistance to terrorists, for what it has done to the Turkish people and the revolutionary democratic forces. Turkey’s government will pay a price for its fascist and chauvinistic policy used to cover up its relationship with capitalist countries.

The new world order is collapsing under the weight of the struggle of workers and peoples, their revolutionary and progressive forces. We must step up our struggle to establish a socialist system, an alternative system to the wild and brutal new world order and the capitalist system.

And We Are In Solidarity With The Revolutionary Radical Left Movement In Turkey.

Freedom To The Heroic Prisoners Held In The Jails Of The Fascist Regime In Turkey And In The Jails Of Zionism

Justice For Those Forcibly Abducted
Give Back The Jobs Of Those Who Have Been Arbitrarily Fired
Victory To The Unity Of The Peoples
Oppressed Peoples Of The World And Workers, Unite

Democratic People’s Party
Beirut – September 7, 2018

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