Solidarity Statement from PA.ME Greek Syndicate for Nuriye Gülmen

Statement by the Greek National Struggle Front (PA.ME), a member of the World Federation of Trade Unions ΠΣΟ-WFTU, on academic Nuriye Gülmen: Press statement against all the pressure and investigations that continue in Turkey and the pressure on academic Nuriye Gülmen:
PA.ME condemns the hundreds of ongoing investigations and repressions with different pretexts in Turkey. Academic Nuriye Gülmen, who was among the hundreds of people who were oppressed, was also fired from her job, subjected to pressure, and has been in detention for nearly two years. The trial will be held on May 25. As PA.ME, we stand by the working people in Turkey. The oppression and investigations should be stopped. The allegations against her should be withdrawn and she should be released.

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