We, the Anti-Imperialist Front, along with friends and comrades in Beirut, met and discussed world issues and issues to do with the Arab world in particular on 19-20 January, 2018. Together with representatives of Lebanese national parties, we discussed the aggression of imperialism, Zionism and their collaborators in the region, including the crushing of the peaceful people’s movement in Bahrain. We also discussed the continued repression of the peoples of Turkey by the brutal authority of Erdogan.
We discussed how to expand the Front by joining the many progressive parties and forces fighting for freedom and justice and facing down imperialist conspiracies in the world.

We make the following declaration as this Anti-Imperialist Front:

In conclusion, the following communiques were issued:

  • Condemns the colonial policy of American imperialism and its interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states, particularly Venezuela, Cuba and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Condemns all forms of terrorism, headed by Takfiri terrorism, supported by the forces of imperialism and Zionism, especially the United States of America and „Israel“.
  • Condemns the continuation of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the displacement of its people and demands that international organisations expose Zionist practices against the Palestinian people, and forces them to withdraw from the occupied Syrian Golan, the Shebaa Farms and the occupied Lebanese hills of Kafrshuba.
  • We pay tribute to resistance movements around the world, especially the countries that have witnessed wars as direct targets, such as Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Donbass.
  • Pay tribute to the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Zionist occupation, and all detainees in defence of freedom and justice in the world.
  • We stand in soidarity with prisoners of war and prisoners of conscience throughout the world. We commend our comrades Nuriye and Semih who hunger-strike for this right to return to their jobs.
  • We call for the withdrawal of foreign occupying troops from the region and the dismantling of US/NATO forces throughout the world.
  • We call for the dismantling of nuclear weapons that can destroy humanity, especially those possessed by the Zionist entity which constitute a real threat to the peoples of the region.
  • Calling the peoples of the world for unity and cooperation in the face of imperialism and Zionism.
  • We will fight fascism wherever it appears, we will also oppose racism across the world, especially this racism practised by Trump.
  • We stand in solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdullah, who is illegally held in France.
  • We call for the release of Musa Aşoğlu, a revolutionary from Turkey, taken prisoner by Germany because he is targeted by U.S. imperialism.
  • We pay tribute to the Owner of the Fulfilled Promise; we are the People, we are right, we will win.
  • We thank Beirut, the Capital of Resistance, and all the honourable resistance fighters who have made the dream of the liberation of Palestine possible.
  • We will be in Donbass on 9th of May 2018 for the victory day with Caravana Antifascista organized by Banda Bassotti.

Beirut, January 20, 2018

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