Summer Camp of Antiimperialist Front/France 2023


Dear comrades,

We are happy to invite you in our summer camp of Anti-Imperialist Front that will be held in France, on the dates 24.07-31.07.We invite to join our camp to grow the international solidarity!

Our camp place is near to towns Perpignan, Narbonne and Beziers and the closer airport is Montpellier. You can also go to airport of Marseilles or Toulouse, but is more far away. The accommodation and the food for hole week will provide from us. The only think you must to buy the ticket to come and go back. Also we ask you if you have and can take with you slipping bag or tent, otherwise write us we will provide it also.

We will be very happy to be all together and have collective life for 1 week as international front. The everyday life programme  will contain seminars, assemblies, discussions, reading, watching movies,  eating all together breakfast, lunch, meal, swimming and collective entertainment.

We will be glad if you join the camp, to grow the international solidarity!

Let’s unite fight and win against imperialism and fascism!


Communicate with us for more info!


Telefon Number: +30 6998305488 (Whats App, Telegram, Signal)


With Warmest Greetings,

Anti-Imperialist Front





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