Action for defending the Red Army Momument in Sofia

Once again there is tenson around the Red army monument in Sofia. Two days ago (7th march) the local government in Sofia voted for the removing of the monument. This is happening in the context of the permanent rehabilitation of the fascist period in Bulgaria and satanization of the communist ideas and symbols in the last 33 years. Another catalizator are the events in Ukraine and the anti-Russian hysteria in the right wing and pro-west circles. We know what happened with the Soviet monuments in Poland, Baltic countries and Ukraine. The bulgarian reactionaries are taking inspiration from this and want to implement it in our country.

But the public opinion in Bulgaria is not the same as in Poland, Baltic countries and Ukraine. For les than 48 hours after the voting of the municipality government, people were organized and there was two demonstrations today (9th march) in support of the monument. There was throwing eggs and red paint to the building of the municipality building of Sofia. Around the monument there was a symbolic “alive chain” of people who surrounded it and wanted to protect it.

Of course, we can’t avoid the fact that everything this is happening in the context of the pre-election campaign in Bulgaria. The right wing, liberal and anti-communist parties are mobilizing it’s sympatizers by voting such a thig, and the social-democrats and pro-russian nationalist are also using the case to make demonstrations. However, our duty is to resist the demolishing the Red army monument, to defend the historical truth and to resist the policies of the ruling classes in Bulgaria and their US masters. Also is a good occasion for common action of the all anti-imperialist forces in our country.

23 September
Antiimperialist Front Bulgaria

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