Call for Solidarity Hunger Strike on March 18

As AIF we are participating in the solidarity hunger strike on 18 March.
18 March is the International Day of Political Prisoners.
Why 18 March?
18 March is the date of the uprising of the Paris Communes.
On 18 March 1871 the commune was suppressed in blood and many people were martyred or imprisoned.
For many leftists and socialists, the Paris Commune was a day of resistance against the oppression and tyranny of the state. For this reason, commemoration days have been organised since 1917.
A link was established between yesterday and today.
And in these commune events, there was always a connection with the political prisoners.
Money was collected for them.
In 1922 the “International Red Aid” was founded and solidarity with the prisoners became much more organised.
In 1923, at its first meeting, the date “18 March” was declared “International Day of Political Prisoners”.
With the coming to power of the Nazi Regime, the German Red Aid was banned.
After 1933, the first 18 March events were not held again until 1996.

From 18 March 1871 to 28 May 1871 the Paris Commune survived for 72 days, it was the first socialist state in the world. It sheds light and guides us in our struggle even today.
We keep the martyred heroic communards alive in our fight today.

Persecution and imprisonment from yesterday to today never ends.
Now it is time to embrace the 4 revolutionary prisoners in Germany.

Eda Deniz Haydaroglu starts an unlimited hunger strike, adding a new link to the tradition since the Communars.
Hunger strikes never been done on 18 March.
We will be the first to do it.
We will add a new tradition to 18th March.
On 18 March, let’s not leave Eda Deniz Haydaroglu alone.

Freedom for Özgül Emre, Ihsan Cibelik, Serkan Küpeli and Hasan Unutan.

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