Victory of the Resistance of the Revolutionaries from Turkey in Greece: Court Concluded with Acquittal

By winning victory over imperialism and fascism through hunger strike resistance and proving the legitimacy of the struggle, demagogies about terrorism was also rendered ineffective.
On January 2022, 10th, 10 people were released due to the indefinite hunger strike, and the appellate court stated that they would make a legal trial regarding the case and act fairly. Of course, it was the resistance that made them say this. As a result of the indefinite hunger strike resistance of the Free Prisoners and the support campaign carried out abroad, the court committee had to take such a stand.
At the hearing held on March 10th, the prosecutor stated that there was no evidence linking the alleged evidence with the defendants, stated that the statements and thoughts of the police would not be sufficient for such high penalties and organization membership, and the law had to be based on evidence, and demanded the acquittal of 10 people from all charges.
In the judgment hearing held on March 13, the court board acquitted 10 people of all charges in accordance with the prosecutor’s request, and handed a light sentence of 18 months to Sinan Oktay Özen. Sinan Oktay Özen was first taken to the foreigners’ branch after the transactions were made he was released from the foreigners’ branch at 22:00. There were also those from the Greek left who supported the hearing on March 13th.
After the hearing, a press release was made in front of the court. In the press release, Dimitris Sarafianos on behalf of the lawyers, Konstantina Kartsioti on behalf of anti imperialist front, Halil Demir and Ali Ercan Gökoğlu on behalf of Free Prisoners each made speeches and emphasized that this victory was won with resistance and solidarity.
Long Live Resistance, Long Live Victory!

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