AIF TV Started Broadcasting

Imperialism is now attacking peoples with television programmes and social media to corrupt the peoples of the world and disorient them. It tries to cover up its injustices. Because imperialism is in crisis. And it censors TV and social media addresses to prevent the brutality and wars ıt creates from being exposed. It just wants to have itd own TV channels and media programmes. TV channels are the spokesperson of imperialism in the hands of monopolies and they are trying to maintain the order of exploitation of imperialism with lies. We are also expanding our fight against imperialism by exposing the lies, occupations, exploitation and injustices of imperialism to the peoples of the world. For this reason, we have started our AIF TV channel, it is imperative to grow and develop, to tell the peoples of the world the facts, to tell of the resistance, to broadcast for the people, to boost the struggle of the peoples of the world and to destroy the lies of imperialism. By ensuring the solidarity of the peoples, we will expand our AIF TV channel and destroy the lies of imperialism used against the peoples. For this reason, let’s share our AIF TV channel, watch it and get others to watch it.





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