Anti-İmperialist Front And People’s Front Greece Participate İn Nakba Demonstration İn Athens

Antiimperialist Front in Greece together with other organisations made a call for gathering outside of Israeli Embassy in Athens, for the day of Nakba on 15th of May.

In the demo 200 people participate, together also Palestinian organisations.

Slogans as “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free”, “Down with Imperialism!Down with Fascism” , “Israel go out from Palestine, USA go out of Middle East”, “Free Palestine” was shouted.

Day of Nakba remind to the People of the world the day of Catastrophe, but also the day of Resistance and the importance of the right of Return.

Fight against Imperialism and Fascism is not a crime is a duty!

Free Palestine!

International Solidarity is the weapon of the People!

Antiimperialist Front

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