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1 – Eda Haydaroglu on day 70 of hunger strike against 129A/B
Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu is on day 70 of her hunger strike resistance against the fascist 129A/B law in Germany. Ilgin Guler and Sevil Sevimli are also continuing their resistance with Eda. To mark the 70th day, the hunger strikers and many people came together. The fascist 129A/B Laws are being used by German imperialism to jail and oppress revolutionaries from Turkey.
2 – Police raids against People’s Front in Turkey
On May 24, the fascist police in Turkey carried out raids against The Families’ Association for Solidarity with Prisoners (TAYAD) and also arrested people from the street. 8 people were detained, 3 of them were jailed while the others were released with judicial control.
3 – AIF participate in Resistance Festival in Belgium for Palestine
AIF took part in the Resistance Festival in Brussels in support of the Palestinian resistance and confronting 75 years of Nakba, occupation and racism. A stand was opened where AIF talked about its campaigns and had talks about the ongoing resistance in Turkey against imperialism and fascism.
4 – G7 Protests in Japan
Protestors took to streets of Hiroshima to raise their voices in opposition to the imperialist G7 summit being held in the city. Signs were seen with “No G7 imperialist summit! No nuclear war!” and “Never allow US-Japanese aggressive war on China.” Several protestors were arrested by riot police.
5 – Ayten Ozturk marks 2 years in house arrest
Ayten Öztürk, who was subjected to torture and sexual harassment in a secret black site in Turkey in 2018, has been under house arrest for two years. She was abducted from Lebanon in 2018 by Turkish intelligence and tortured for 6 months in a black site, then jailed, and then put in house arrest.
6 – Anti-Drug Symposium in Athens
The “Fight against drugs” symposium will be held in Athens with international speakers. Talks will be held about the struggle against drugs and how drugs are a weapon of imperialism against the working class.

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