Anti Imperialist Front Greece: From Premetheus to Ebru Timtik the struggle for justice is our imheritance

The great humanity says “Justice”; “An ideal we have to win”

It is the ideal of “great humanity” at stake.

In other words, what makes humanity “great” in every step of history is that it has this ideal.

To have it and never give it up.

Who has seen a period in which “great humanity” gave up its longing for justice?


Ours is a “great humanity” which has not left even fire to the whim of the gods and brought it down to the earth for fair use, and Prometheus was the name given to him.

The answer to the question “What is justice?” is simple.

“Justice means that in a societal structure with societal equality, everyone can get what he or she deserves.”

“If we are not a lover of love, we are nothing in this world.”

This is the word that beats in our hearts whenever we face injustice.

Because we justify Voltaire, who says “Freedom is nothing but justice.”

The love for freedom is within us; and justice is longing in our hearts, flaring up and subsiding, but it never stops burning …


Justice is as much necessary for human life as bread and water, humanity cannot live where there is no justice, and there have always been the pioneers of justice fighting for it in the face of injustice. Who ever saw humanity give up on justice? Ancient Anatolian lands are witnesses to the resistance fighters who have been fighting for justice for centuries and have written their name as “justice fighters” in the pages of history.


Civilisations were established, wars were fought, countries were devastated. Humanity has progressed by re-establishing them with their hands; Wars, societies, civilisations, kingdoms and palaces throughout the history of humanity… none of them has been more important than the demand for justice.


While all of them take their place in the dusty pages of history books, they still shine as a fresh light from the memory of humanity struggling for justice.


Our country and the Anatolian lands are the best examples of this, from Prometheus, who gifted fire to humanity from the top of the Aegean’s thyme-smelling waters, to the valiant heroes of Anatolia, warriors of justice have always existed.

From Pir Sultan to Bedreddin, from Köroğlu to Dadaloğlu, our fighters of the Aegean mountains and bandits fought for justice on Anatolian soil.


The struggle for justice, started years ago, continues all the time. There have been titans of darkness against the struggle for justice. In the face of the struggle for justice of the poor people in our country, there are the rulers called the “AKP” and its mercenaries, police forces, prosecutors and judges. In 2015, as a result of their own internal contradictions, they used the excuse of the 15 July coup attempt and then the state of emergency process.

During the state of emergency, the government did not hesitate to openly apply fascism against the people and revolutionaries. Raiding, sealing up, closing down legal-democratic institutions… banning newspapers, closing down TV channels, kidnapping and arresting people walking in the streets, putting revolutionaries in prison one by one.


The AKP government attacked every section it considered oppositional, not only the vanguard of the people, the revolutionaries; They even attacked, detained and arrested those who said hello to the revolutionaries.


The AKP government attacked openly under the name of “justice” and connected all the judicial mechanisms to itself, prosecutors, judges who interrupted hearings to make phone calls and those who arrived at verdicts by looking into the eyes of the TEM (Anti-Terror) branch of the police.

Fascism, which openly attacked the people, applied the law of fascism in its courts, the “so-called” palace of justice, which essentially implemented the laws of fascism.


Prosecutors developed slanderers in unison with the anti-terror branch of the police, arrested the revolutionaries with falsified files and sentenced them to aggravated life sentences. The offices of the People’s Engineers who worked as an engineer for the people, the youth, public workers, lawyers of the People’s Law Bureau who practics the justice of the poor were raided. Search warrants were issued against them, they were included in terrorist lists, and they were targeted openly on state TV channels and in newspapers. Süleyman Soylu, who was the Minister of Internal Affairs of the state and whose only job was to fight against the people and the revolutionaries, did this.


Soylu said in his statements: “In the city structures, it is the lawyers of this organisation that keep this organisation alive. These lawyers, who are now inside (the jail), were using their professional privileges to manage everything including finances and operations. At the point we have reached today, we have cleared all the top-level terrorists of the DHKP-C.”


The offices of the People’s Law Bureau in Ankara and Istanbul were raided and lawyers were detained under torture, a decision was made to arrest them without even being brought to the prosecutor’s office. The whole world has seen that there is no logic and law in the jurisdiction of AKP fascism.


17 of the lawyers from the People’s Law Bureau appeared before the court on September 10, 2018, after being detained for a year, all were released at the hearing on September 14, and released from prison on September 15. However, the prosecutor objected to their release, and the court issued a warrant to arrest 12 lawyers the next day. They were brought before the Istanbul 37th ACM court on Sunday, September 16, 2018. Inside the hall, the police officers of the anti-terror branch were not removed from the hall for the hearing.

The “defendant” lawyers, who did not submit their identity documents as a protest against the court and the unlawfulness, were once again arrested.



On September 19, 2018, the Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK) dispersed the delegation that gave the release order of the lawyers. The trial procedures were disregarded in the hearings held after that (3-5 December 2018). At the hearing on December 4, first the audience and journalists, then the lawyers, and finally also the defendants were thrown out of the courtroom and the trial was held only by the court board.


One of the harshest reactions to the decision came from the Istanbul Bar Association. The following was said in the statement made by the Bar Association, “As Istanbul Bar Association, we hereby state that it is the first time that the Turkish trial history has become witness of such a trial… As Istanbul Bar Association and lawyers, we will never give up the ideal of justice. We will not be silent. Even if we stay alone…”.


These attacks on the People’s Law Bureau were an attempt to end a tradition. That is why they were attacking revolutionary lawyers. People’s Law Bureau is a law firm that operates within the principles and traditions of a revolutionary morality and manners, and fascism which first targets the revolutionary groups has continued its attacks considering this. What they try to liquidate is the revolutionary lawyer’s tradition. These attacks on the bar associations continued. The sayings and statements that threatened the bar associations have clearly shown the true face of the so-called state of law. These attacks show more clearly today, after the People’s Law Bureau, that the state does not tolerate even a single opposition.


The table shows the government’s open intervention to the judiciary. The court board discussed the evidence at the public hearing and decided to release the lawyers, but this decision was changed with the intervention of the government, and the judges were also exiled. The judges who were replaced immediately made a decision of arrest and arrested the lawyers of the People’s Law Bureau. Each hearing made clear that fascism has no logic, that direct instruction of the government was applied, in this case, the instruction came from Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself.


The People’s Lawyers, who were arrested again within 10 hours, were sentenced to decades of imprisonment. The goal; to end the tradition of advocacy of the people, to destroy the people’s stubbornness. If there were no advocates of justice, the people would not be able to resist, they could not speak out. Torunlar Constructions, Soma, Ermenek, Dilek Doğan, Berkin Elvan, our poor people whose houses were destroyed, Hasan Ferit Gedik, Gezi, our Kurdish people who faced genocide, torture and massacres in Kurdistan … If the People’s Lawyers were outside jail, the state could not protect its murderers and thieves. They could come in the middle of the night and murder your daughter, arrest their lawyers and declare you a “terrorist”, they could easily demolish the house of our people, who built gecekondus (shantytown dwellings) with three or five cents left from their mother and father in Anatolia and call it illegal urbanisation.


They were designing lawyers to serve the mafia, rapists, murderers, and drug dealers in their minds, and in the face of this, there were lawyers of the People’s Law Office who had achieved their democratic rights by paying the price, who wear their robes in the streets, in the university, in the slums and while sitting cross-legged at the people’s table to eat a meal. One of these lawyers was Ebru Timtik, one of them was Aytaç Ünsal.

Here it is like mountain wind and like the breeze …

Nobody can blow dust even to the nail we cut off

You are the most beautiful girl of all galaxies

I am the substance of them, the incandescent substance

of the blind love that burns Prometheus …





On April 5, World Lawyers Day, Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal did not accept the “silent death” policies imposed on them. They turned the hunger strike into death fast resistance.


It is such a war against the lawyers of the People’s Law Office that they wanted to kill and destroy the lawyers.


But the resistance stopped these attacks. People’s Lawyer Ebru Timtik to Akın Gürlek:

“I did not choose the death fast.

They wanted to kill us professionally and politically. I only decided how it would happen.

Will it be with resistance? Or will it be in silence?”


The two lawyers started a death fast in order to do their jobs with their dignity and to defend those who were murdered in Soma.

Since the People’s Lawyers started the death fast resistance, solidarity and support actions have been carried out from all over the world. The two lawyers started a death fast so that they could exercise their profession.


Members of Grup Yorum joined a death fast resistance in order to release the prisoners (members of Grup Yorum) and to give a concert. Mustafa Koçak joined the death fast resistance for justice.


The People’s Lawyers were always with their clients. After all, they joined the death fast for their clients and for the people. The demand for justice was not only for themselves, it was also for the whole people.

Everything of this system is iniquitous. There is injustice in every moment of the people’s lives, this injustice has been really seen with the attacks of AKP.

Either you will fight against fascism or you will submit to fascism. Either the People’s Lawyers would resist or they would surrender to fascism.

It has never been seen that we bowed down to fascism.


We won politically and ideologically.

The Death fast tells about what political victory is…


During the death fast resistance..

For solidarty with Grup Yorum, Mustafa Koçak, People’s Lawyers and Political Prisoners in Europe and Turkey:

*7.865 demonstrations and actions

*1881 solidarity video shoots

*3000 people’s makes solidarity honger strikes

*in 51 countries, 2951 revolutionaries, artist, poetrist, showed international solidarity

*worldwide 110 countries international association of lawyers representing two million lawyers (UİA)

*Law Organisation Representing Millions of Lawyers from Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE)

*39 bar associations out of the 79 in Turkey,

wanted justice and showed solidarty with the death fast resistances, people’s lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal.


Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal were taken to hospital with the threat of force-feeding. In front of the door of a cell, doctors and soldiers of fascim started psychological torture. By not turning off the lights, turning on the air conditioner 24 hours a day, they tortured the insurgents whose cells, skin and bones eroded fort he sake of justice.

In front of Aytaç Ünsal’s cell, commanders and soldiers ate meat and bread and talked about what to eat.

Zionist Israel were making a barbecue in front of the prison and gave their smoke through the loopholes, while the Palestinian prisoners were on hunger strike. Our enemy was the same; Israeli Zionism and AKP fascism were the torturing loyal dogs of imperialism. In these conditions, Ebru Timtik resisted until the last moment and was martyred on the 238th day of the death fast.



Heval (comrade in Kurdish) Ebru Timtik described herself as follows in a letter;

“I’m Fatma’s daughter Ebru. My history is the history of the injustices I witnessed. I lost my father at age 7. My siblings were 5-3 years and 6 months old. My mother was only 22 years old. Until that day, I grew up in abundance. But then we moved to Elazig and the days of living on a widow-orphan pension started.

We’d ask my mother ‘Mother, are we poor or rich?’ She said ‘We are middle-class, my daughter, why should we be poor. There are people worse than us.’ and showed us people in distress in the neighbourhood.

Thank God we had a good or bad salary’, ‘There are people who are unemployed, there are people who are disabled.’

However, it is impossible not to see the children who have to work in our neighbourhood, the different shoes of the children in our school, the different approaches of the teachers and the difference from table to table.

Whatever is good, beautiful and moral in me is my mother. She was a 22-year-old primary school graduate. She spent her life first in the village, then in Elazig and Istanbul. But she did not have time to go out repeatedly because she was either pregnant or had a baby. When she lost her husband at the age of 22, she was asked to go and re-marry. But she refused. She hugged her children.

When we grew up, she started to work in the cement factory. She was working there when it was still a state factory. And we’ve seen the corruption. We’ve seen how bureaucrats and other gluttons exploit the state factory.

We saw wage injustice in this place where two other people doing the same job as my mother were paid twice as much as my mother. Because they were permanent staff and my mother contractual. She had to say okay to the minimum wage. She resigned and got off work under conditions in which the director humiliated her. She went to house cleaning. Of course we came with her. The first work I did for money was cleaning houses. Then I went to Istanbul on holidays and worked in the textile branch for a short time. I tried marketing but it wasn’t for me. I worked as a radio broadcaster during my university years. I did radio and television announcing, advertising etc. I earned money by making filled pastries and buns at home and selling them in coffee shops. For a while, we opened a restaurant with home cooking in Elazığ.


I never wanted to be a lawyer. Coincidentally, getting to know Mr. Selçuk and the people who were burned and injured in the December 19 massacre showed me that this profession could be done differently. That’s how I decided to finish school.

While I was still a student, I went to the poor houses of my fellow countrymen, who were trying to build a life away from the villages that were burned and evacuated in the 90s. Their sons were doomed to be a lost generation. What work will men and women do in the city, who do not know other jobs than farming and animal husbandry? I guess you can imagine, I will not extend it.


Their pain and oppression helped me to develop historical and class consciousness. I went to Istanbul and started working as a lawyer at the People’s Law Bureau. I worked as a leading member of the Contemporary Lawyers’ Association. I have always been the advocate of working people, those who want to use their democratic rights, students, patriots and revolutionaries. My personal history is full of injustice.

It is full of rebellions by mothers and spouses against unjust and unfair punishments that my clients receive. It is fraught with the inability to respond properly to those who look at my face with hope and anticipation. I asked my mother for permission. I promised you I was going to save you from rent. But the way I work, I can’t save money. But if you want, I will fulfill my promises”, I said.

I said, there are other mothers worried about their children. My mother gave her blessing and gave me a way. “I’m sure you’re doing the right thing” she said. I implement my revolutionary lawyer’s profession with her permission. I hope my name will be mentioned with her’s, and my grave will be at her side. This is my story.

I am Fatma’s daughter Ebru.

I don’t have a favorite poem, I like poems. There is no favorite song. I love the folk songs in the form of ‘deyis’ and ‘ilahi’(traditional Alevi folk songs). I like trees. I love all the flowers as long as they are not picked. I passionately love my land, my country. What makes me a partner with my clients’ demands; that they have given me a power of attorney and have suffered the same injustice. Let me say that and finish. Sincere greetings to all who ask about us. Always stay with hope.


All the virtues of Anatolia were defined in Dersim’s Ebru, in her simple, plain and modest life. Like a poem, a song, standing out against all wickednesses, in order to be able to say „I‘ve lived“. Her voice is now echoing in the mountains of Dersim.

After her martyrdom, the enemy and friend became clear once again, parents, comrades, clients, colleagues who rushed in front of the forensic medicine institution. The people…

Here, Anatolia was embracing its daughter, who was fighting for justice, and her colleagues were shouting all together “There Is No Death For Us“.

The enemy tried every way to prevent the funeral, MPs, artists, bar presidents, lawyers and clients turned out to be a barricade against it. In order not to give Ebru, the police forces of fascism attacked the people with gas bombs, pressurized water and plastic bullets with three fake funeral vehicles. It was to be commemorated in the Istanbul Bar Association; they kidnapped the funeral. The president of the Gaziantep Bar Association jumped on the funeral vehicle after his comrade, it was this that brought down the enemy and brought victory to us. There were thousands who shouted under the banner with the photograph of Ebru hanging from the balcony in the Istanbul Bar Association.


In the name of the flags

waving on our forehead

In the name of the Immortality

living in the flags

There’s no stopping in this race

No surrender

No lament on our tongue

No trembling on our knees


No matter how many suns among us burn out,

we will always catch the death in the light,

either at dawn or

when the sun is rising,

we will be your voice

and shout your names




Gazi District, where the working people of Istanbul live, has been one of the most important places of resistance and struggle for years.

How many times has Ebru Timtik stepped on the streets of Gazi, with how many people has she sat down to eat, how many mothers has she embraced?

This is Gazi District, those who murdered Ebru and Ebru’s family, her comrades, friends, clients…

People entered the Cemevi, without taking a step back against the police who surrounded the Alevi house from all sides. An enemy who was afraid of the dead attacked the participants in the funeral with gas and plastic bullets to prevent them from marching to the Gazi Cemetery collectively.

Ebru’s comrades embraced her in their lawyers’ robes; With the honour of doing the last duty for Ebru. A snapshot has introduced the bare truth about the legal profession in Turkey to the whole world, the colleagues and comrades of Ebru Timtik who shouldered her coffin wearing robes, symbolised the dignity of resistance to fascism.

Fatma’s daughter Ebru of Dersim said, “I would like to be buried next to my mother who taught me all this and raised me …” and was buried in her mother’s lap. From where they lie now, new greenery will grow tomorrow.

Following Ebru Timtik’s martyrdom, the 16th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, which announced its verdict on the lawyers tried in the ÇHD (Contemporary Lawyers‘ case, ruled that other sentences be upheld, except for the sentences of lawyers Barkın Timtik, Selçuk Kozağaçlı and Ezgi Çakır.

It was stated that lawyer Ebru Timtik died on death fast, so there was no room for a decision regarding her. The enforcement of lawyer Aytaç Ünsal’s sentence, who ended the death fast, will be postponed until his treatment is over. The struggle against bar associations, lawyers and defence was initiated, and in the case of the People’s Law Bureau, it showed exactly what happened with all its unlawfulness.

We watched a file in which the defence stood trial, lawyers in Turkey faced trial, being accused with the question, Why did you take on their defence?“.


After the martyrdom of Ebru Timtik, lawyers from all over the world, from Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, and all cities of France held a minute’s silence in front of the bar association and commemorated Ebru Timtik.

* The People’s Lawyers said “We Have Dedicated Our Lives And We Continue To Be The Advocate Of Our People!”

The resistance that emerged in Anatolian lands at a time when countries, organisations, leaders and even individuals who resisted imperialism, opposed to injustice, oppression, exploitation and racism were declared “terrorists” and at the same time the revolutionary wave receded;


* has shown to the left in our country and the world that we are not helpless in the face of the attacks of imperialism and fascism, that resistance is a right and duty, and that it is an absolute way to break the fascist siege.


* was a moral dynamism that reminded the legitimacy of resistance, revolutionism and the values of the left in the midst of silence and despair.


* The righteousness and determination of the resistance has renewed the hope of resisting and winning again in many organisations that have been thrown back to the system ideologically and lost their faith.


* The heroism and demand for justice of our martyrs and resisters, whom we sent off to immortality by presenting us political victories, have crossed the oceans.


* The voices of the resistance and the resisters reached from Turkey to Europe and from Europe to Latin America and Asia despite all kinds of attacks, bans, censorship and obstacles.


* It took its place in the consciousness and hearts of the peoples of Anatolia and the world, and it has raised internationalism. All over the world, protests were organised, compositions were made, poems were written, support and solidarity video messages were sent, statements were made for recognition of the demands and to grant a fair trial to Helin and İbrahim, Mustafa and the People’s Lawyers Ebru and Aytaç. Letters were written to government officials and mails were sent.


* It has revived the feelings of solidarity and the unity that was forgotten and they tried to make us forget. It renewed the strong ties and fraternity of the peoples of the world from Anatolia to Antarctica, and from Antarctica to Latin America.


* The righteousness and strength of the resistance revealed that there is a great internationalist potential around the world! It also showed that the world revolutionary movement and the oppressed peoples need an international.


* Hundreds of newspapers, magazines, agencies and websites, both inside and outside the country, reported on the Death Fast resistance. They gave wide coverage with interviews. Dozens of TV channels broadcasted about it.


* Among those Germany, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Palestine, Philippines, France, Haiti, Croatia, India, Netherlands, England, Iran, Ireland , Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Catalonia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Togo, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey; Hundreds of revolutionary, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist left organisations, hundreds of legal and human rights institutions, thousands of socialist internationalists from 51 countries offered their support and solidarity, demanding that the demands of the resistance be accepted.


The People’s Lawyers United International Law Organisations Representing 2 Million Lawyers From 110 Countries Against the Show Jurisdiction of AKP Fascism in the Struggle for Justice


* The International Association of Lawyers (UIA) Representing 2 Million Lawyers from 110 Countries Worldwide,

* ELDH On Behalf Of Lawyers Of 24 Countries,

* ALD On Behalf Of Lawyers Of 10 Countries,

* IADL On Behalf Of Lawyers Of 26 Countries,

* OBFG On Behalf Of 22 Bar Associations In Belgium and Germany

* The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) which Represents millions of lawyers in Europe and

* 39 from 79 Bar Associations in Turkey supported the rightful struggle of Ebru Timtik and Aytac Unsal who were in a Death Fast for a fair trial, and they demanded justice!


* 356 lawyers from 20 countries and 400 lawyers from Turkey, a total of 756 LAWYERS FILED A PETITION to the Supreme Court for the Contemporary Jurists Association (ÇHD) and the People’s Law Bureau (HHB), asking for the reversal of the decisions and the release of the imprisoned lawyers.


* In a 10-day signature campaign organised by the Freedom for Defense Coordination, 11,633 persons and representatives of institutions from 46 countries from Haiti to Saudi Arabia, Italy to Pakistan and the USA to Japan have signed the petition for recognition of the demands of the imprisoned death fasting lawyers Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal.

They wanted Ebru Timtik and Aytac Ünsal to be released and conditions for a fair trial to be granted.


* The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE); The International Association of Lawyers (UIA); Italian Bar Association; 22 legal organisations consisting of local bar associations and democratic institutions stated in the 135-page report they prepared, “Let the conditions of fair trial be ensured in the case that has no legitimacy in national and international public opinion, and is full of unlawfulness!”

* In Turkey and many other countries 365 lawyers called for release of the Death Fasting imprisoned People‘s Lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytac Ünsal. It was urged to grant the right to a fair trial and to release the imprisoned lawyers.

* In Belgium; Amnesty International, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe CCBE, The Lawyers Without Borders, Brussels Bar Association, Liege Bar Association, Union of Lawyers for Democracy and the Association of the Judges Union organised a protest on April 5, the Day of endangered Lawyers, where they stated: “We’re defending the defence in Turkey”.


* A Representative of the Union of Lawyers for Democracy gave a letter to the Consulate of Turkey saying “We demand the release of our imprisoned colleagues”.


* The hearing of the lawyers of ÇHD and People’s Law Bureau (HHB) held in Istanbul on 18-20 March, was attended by a large number of attorneys, from the Brussels Bar Association, the Liege Bar Association, the lawyers’ organisation OBFG, which was formed by 11 bar associations in Belgium and 11 German Bar Associations, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe and the International Union of Lawyers UIA.

Sibylle Gioe, who took part in the observer delegation consisting of sıx Belgian lawyers and followed all the hearings; explained the injustice with the title “Impressions from the Showcase”.


* On June 15, 20 Bar Associations who represent 80% of the lawyers in Turkey, defended the demands of their colleagues Ebru and Aytac to be granted a fair trial saying “Justice Shall be provided, Ebru and Aytac Shall Live!”

* 39 bar associations of Turkey made a common statement in relation to the unjust punishment towards the People‘s Lawyers and against unlawfulness: Hundreds of lawyers held “Vigils for Justice” in front of courts and courthouses, where they read their statements of support and solidarity and shouted their demands for “Freedom of Defence” and “Fair Trial”. They used all legal means of appeal.

* The number of videos made in Support, Solidarity and Calls for the People’s Lawyer’s Death Fast Resistance: 1104,

* The number of actions, performances and statements in support of the resistance: 1139

* 130 lawyers from different countries of the world and from Turkey sent video messages, in which they announced their solidarity with their colleagues.


* Tens of thousands of people who supported the demands of the resistance showed their solidarity by postings on Facebook, Whatsup and Twitter.


The Lawyers of the People Continue to Lead and Make Way at the Cost of Their Lives, they continue to show how the struggle for justice should be waged!

They‘re Uniting Peoples and Raising Internationalism in the Struggle for Justice!


In no period of death fasts, so many countries and people of the world have taken action, we have achieved this with our resistance. Victory has come with blood and the cost of life, Ebru Timtik and the death fast martyrs showed the peoples of the world that even our most basic rights can require a resistance at costs of our lives.


It was shown that a lawyer needs to go on a death fast in order to carry out profession. We showed that we had to go on a death fast to sing folk songs and in order to hold a concert.

Today, the death fast resisters have united the left all over the world. Resistance unites, enlarges and leads to victory, it is the determination and antagonism of the resisrers which makes resistance continuing.

Today, death fast resisters and martyrs have achieved this. This was respected by all oppressed peoples, and enthusiastically embraced by all our people.

The struggle for justice is now ingrained in our veins, justice is the blood that flows in our veins, it is Mustafa, Helin, Ibrahim and Ebru.

Those who say “Either Justice or Death” made their choices for the people to live in a just world.

Since Prometheus, the enemy has not left unpunished those who are on the side of the people for the people. But they didn’t give up, didn’t give an inch. Those who set out on this path were also a slap in the face for the enemy even if they had to die.


A source of pride and honour for future generations…

And adventurers take to the road”

Fatma’s daughter Ebru as well passed on the flag of the struggle for justice to us with her resistance.


Anti İmperialist Front Greece

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