Anti-Imperialist Front: Let Us Unite in the Anti-Fascist Struggle Once Again

On this day, 74 years ago, finance capital’s most imperialistic, most chauvnistic and most reactionary terrorist dictatorship known as fascism, has been beaten. At the price of a tremendous loss of human lives, suffering and destruction, but also by the way of heroism and self-sacrifice, the anti-fascist forces not only put an end to the world of imperialism’s most barbaric attempt to carve out new colonies, but also marked the beginning of the national liberation and decolonisation. A process which is to rip 1/3 of the world out of the imperialist system of exploitation, poverty, hunger, backwardness and chauvinistic oppression.

It is only after the fall of the socialist block that this victory has been reversed, and a decade later the whole free world has been integrated once again into the imperialist system of oppression.

The Anti-Imperialist Front follows the anti-fascist and the anti-imperialist tradition of the 3rd Internationale and call all progressive forces to join us in our struggle for independence, national liberation and a world without oppression.

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