Anti Imperialist Front Organised an Event in Crete Against Imperialism’s Terror Laws

In Greece, the Anti-Imperialist Front is making a scene in Heraklion in Crete for the policy of imperialism’s terror laws, for example 187 A in Greece and 129 A-B in Germany. AIF representative Konstantina Kartsioti’s victory as a result of the hunger strike of 11 revolutionaries from Turkey imprisoned by the collaborator Greek state, the fascist 129 terror laws yagılan 3 revolutionary antifascists Özgül Emre, İhsan Cibelik, and Serkan Küpeli’s court was informed about the court. The issues of glass cage torture, handcuffing of prisoners’ hands and feet during transfer torture and the end of Hasan Unutan’s unjust detention were also mentioned. Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu, Ilgın Güler and Sevil Sevimli’s resistance to the fascist 129 laws and the indefinite hunger strike started by 3 revolutionaries demanding trial without arrest were explained. In addition, the film Fedayin was shown for the life and struggle of political prisoner George Ibrahim Abdallah. 60 people attended the event and the discussion continued with questions and answers.

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