Bloodshed continue in Yemen with 153 people killed in 3 Days. #handsoffyemen #stopbombingyemen #bloodDonationforyemen


Bloodshed continue in Yemen with 153 people killed in 3 Days
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News Of Yemen

153 people were killed in multiple Saudi airstrikes in the last three days on four different popular markets across the country. First airstrike was conducted on the early hours of yesterday on a cattle market in Al-Faiyoush area in Lahj South Yemen Killing 43 people, another airstrike targeted Al-Joob market later that day in Amran North the capital Sanaa killing 70 people.

Another 30 people were killed on the 5th of july when Saudi jets targeted A’ahem market in Haja North West Yemen.

Several people were also killed as Saudi warplanes carried out a number of attacks in the north Yemeni province of Sa’ada and the central province of Ta’izz.

Pictures from Al-joob Market in Amran


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Sanaa protest yesterday Against the Saudi war on Yemen11666148_992011117509880_8134773256187901294_n-300x19911666148_992011117509880_8134773256187901294_n-300x199 11693980_992011157509876_8317946471925253793_n-300x199 11695551_992010974176561_3181350256743171744_n-300x199

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