On Friday 11th September a garrison organised by the Democratic Jurists in Solidarity with the people’s lawyers in Turkey, harassed by a dictatorial regime, took place in Rome, in Piazza Montecitorio, not to forget the martyrdom of the lawyer Ebru Timtik who died after 238 days of hunger strike while she was in prison and to ask for the release of the other colleagues unjustly imprisoned.Many lawyers took part in the event, as well as those of civil society.
Among the various speeches was an open letter from Aytaç Ünsal, a Turkish lawyer on hunger strike for 213 days to ask for the right to a fair trial, an independent jurisdiction and to be able to carry out his profession, written for the occasion.

«My dear colleagues,
you are the children of a people who have experienced Mussolini fascism, so I think you understand us much better. Today, we are ruled with the same cruelty. And this is not a situation unique to Turkey, as all of you have witnessed. Fascism, far more violent than the corona, is spreading all over the world.
Everything is now in danger. Our thoughts are our freedom, our life, our right to a fair trial. For this reason, the struggle for fundamental rights and freedoms, for democracy becomes even more important today. Regardless of the cost, lawyers should fight for the rights of the people. Societies won every right in history with these prices. It will be like this again. We did this either, we were going to be living dead or we would die, but we would continue to live in the struggle for the right to a fair trial. Ebru is alive today. Ebru is My heart now. Ebru is my mind. Ebru lives in every activity you do. Ebru is the breath of people who want justice anywhere in the world. She will never die.
That’s why we see this resistance as a victory, even if we die or suffer damage. You have made a lot of effort in creating this result. I have always felt your presence, in the hospital cell where we were locked up, as well as in fascist prison cells. Thanks to you, they couldn’t keep us in tiny spaces. Our soul traveled with you all over the world. We thank you so much for your efforts, your struggle, your support. I believe we will wear our robes together and fight side by side for our democracy and freedom. Let’s highlight the struggle for the right to a fair trial all over the world. With these feelings and thoughts, I greet you all respectfully. I love you very much!
Aytaç Ünsal»

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