Event at Athens Law University of Greece, with the Topic: PALESTINE/AXIS OF RESISTANCE/REPORT FROM SYRIA

The Anti-imperialist Front organized an event at Athens Law University of Greece with the Topic PALESTINE/AXIS OF RESISTANCE/REPORT FROM SYRIA.

The event is organized within the framework of the visit of the Anti-imperialist Front in Syria from April 26 to May 7e, 2024. Mission of internationalist solidarity, in support of Palestine and its Resistance, as well as the support of the Syrian people who are resisting against imperialism, Zionism and their collaborators. A trip aimed at breaking the disinformation that has existed around Syria since 2011 and capturing the crimes of imperialism and Zionism in the region. As well as support to the Palestinian people and the organizations of the Resistance, support for the operation of October 7,  Al-Aqsa flood and the axis of Resistance and all the peoples of the Middle East who are fighting, against USA-NATO-EU imperialism and the terror state of Israel.

Speaker in the event was online Omar Murad – Member of political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Syria and Mohammed Al-Hurani, president of the Arab Writers Union in Syria , as well as speaker was Konstantina Kartsioti, member of the Anti-imperialist Front who participated in the mission in Syria.

In the event Konstantina Kartsioti introduced the speakers and spoke about the importance of struggle for liberation of Palestine the supporting of the antiimperialist struggle all over the world. Supporting the People in Palestine and Syria and all the Resistance organisation that they are fighting against imperialism of NATO-EU and Zionism. Konstantina Kartsioti metioned  and explained all the current situation in Syria and Palestine. She spoke about the visit of Antiimperialist Front, People’s Front and the concert that gave the Grup Yorum inside the Universities. About the visits in different areas of Syria, as Damascus, Aleppo, Latakia, Maaloula, and etc. Metioned how imperialism and their collaborators still occupate the land of Syria but also how the people continue the resistance. She metioned that the people in Syria continue the fight together with Palestinian People and all the countries and organisations that Support the Axis of Resistance and made call to all the people in the world, from Palestine until Syria, from Yemen to Donbass, to Greece, Turkey, Latin America, Africa and etc,   to unite fight and win against imperialism and the collaborators state.


Konstantina Kartsioti introduce the other speakers to the audience, started with Omar Murad who he is member of political Bureau of Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine in Syria. Omar Murad spoke about the update  situation of resistance in Gaza and West Bank, that all the Palestinian Resistance Fanctions they are fighting together also with the Palestinian people, that Zionist murderers continue the genocide, but the resistance forces continue the fightbacks against the Zionist occupation army and he said that the Zionism and imperialism want to destroy all Gaza because they know that the Palestinian People will never surrended. Also he spoke about the importance of the Axis of Resistance, that Palestine and 7 October Al-Aqsa Flood operations is a fight together unite with Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iran and resistance forces of Irak. He metioned that Zionism will defeat because all Palestinians are fighting for 76 years against occupation and massacres and they will never leave their land. He was really thankfull for the opportunity to participate in the event and he expressed the greetings to all the Participants of the event.


After the floor took Mohammed- Al Hurani the President of Union of Arab Writers in Syria. Mohammed Al- Hurani started his speech telling that is great event organized by Antiimperialist front and greet all the participants. He mentioned that the Freedom of Palestine is not only a cause for Palestinians but for all the free people in the world that they are oppressed by imperialism and Zionism. He metioned that imperialism will be defeated from the struggle of the people as we see in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Irak, Lebanon, South Africa, Latin America and etc. He explained the situation in Syria from 2011 until now and how was the struggle against imperialism and Zionism , how the resist and won against the collaborators of imperialism, how they still fighting against disinfirmation. He metioned that Syria is a part of Axis of Resistance and for Sure they will continue the fight against imperialism and Zionism. He added  how still USA has occupation in Syria and also how collaborators of Turkey still occupate land of Syria. At the end he salute all the international  solidarity of the people that they are standing in the side of Palestine, the university students Indifada and all the people that fight against the common enemy imperialism.

After Konstantina Kartsioti answered in may questions of the audience and discussion was held.

In Event in Athens Law University Participated more than 70 people from different political organisations such as Anti-NATO action, Communist Revolutionary Action,

Worker’s Group T-34, Popular Action, Uninterrupted Struggle, many internationalists and Palestinians and also youth.

From Palestine and Syria, to Yemen and Lebanon – Victory in the arms of the Resistance!

To unite, organize and fight against imperialism, Zionism and fascism.

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