On 7 of June 2024 Antiimperialist Front call for Urgent day of Action  political prisoner, Nurettin Kaya, that he was on 233rd day of his Death Fast Resistance against heavy isolation type prisons S,R,Y, in Turkey. In day of action joined people in different countries such as Greece, Belarus, Spain, Holland, England, France. Actions held in Front of Turkish Embassies or Consolates, people made solidarity videos, send solidarity cards to Nurettin Kaya in Prison, prepare leaflets to spread for inform the people for the situation of Nurettin Kaya.

Greece Action in Front of Turkish Embassy in Athens:

Communists from Belarus prepared 4 postcards for death fast resister Nurettin Kaya and made a solidarity video:

A protest was organised for Nurettin Kaya in front of the Turkish Embassy in Amsterdam, Holland:

Secours Rouge Marseille, prepared leaflet that will spread this on the march in Lyon at June 15th


Solidarity Video From Marsellie, send it by comrades of Antiimperialist Action Ireland

Solidarity demonstrations with Nurettin Kaya, were held at the Turkish consulate and at the University of Barcelona:






London Gathering in Front of Turkish Embassy:

In Austria also in front of Turkish Embassy will held gathering on Monday 10/06.

International Solidarity is the Weapon of the People!

The demands of Nurettin Kaya must immediately be accepted!

Freedom for all political prisoners!



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