Freedom Action For Ali Osman Köse In Greece

People’s Front  Greece went to the Turkish Embassy in Athens on May 25th to demand the release of a sick prisoner, Ali Osman Köse, who has been in prison for 37 years and has been in isolation for 22 years.
Ali Osman Köse spent 37 years as a prisoner in the prisons of fascism and has had many health problems caused by it and continues to live.

Compared to a Normal kidney, Ali Osman Köse’s kidney is smaller and has a diameter of 9 cm, and currently he has a cyst in more than half of his kidney. Ali Osman Köse’s lawyers applied to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of justice for surgery. Although he was told he would be operated on in May, Ali Osman Köse still has not been operated on and no attempt has been made to operate on him.

Although the hospital of the Medical Faculty of Trakya University said the operation was urgent, Ali Osman Köse still does not surgically remove the cancerous mass discovered at the end of February.

The collaborationist powers that implemented the policies of imperialism in our country, the regret of revolutionary prisoners in prisons, try all kinds of methods to surrender their thoughts and intimidate them from the struggle. From Guantanamo prison, to Germany and Latin America, to the Middle East, imperialism around the world applies its own policies and wants to characterize prisoners as remorseful surrendered. Isolation is torture and the practice of surrendering prisoners, ending their thoughts.

Ali Osman Köse free captivity of imperialism wants to end revolutionary captivity and surrender those who do not surrender.

Ali Osman Kose is being asked to be killed without treatment, the operation that needs to be performed for months is not being performed, while the decision to have emergency surgery is currently being made during the campaign process that our people have conducted in Europe and Turkey.

The People’s Front  Greece and the Freedom Committee for Ali Osman Köse also took action in front of the Turkish Embassy this week to immediately treat Ali Osman Köse. A banner reading” Let Ali Osman Köse be given the right to freedom and treatment ” was opened and slogans were thrown for Ali Osman Köse.


Ali Osman Köse And Freedom For All Sick Prisoners

Ali Osman Köse Be Treated Immediately

Revolutionary Prisoners Are Our Honor

Isolation Is Torture Isolation Is The End

Down With Fascism Long Live Our Struggle


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