Freedom To Ali Osman Köse (Turkish Embassy Greece)

Ali Osman Köse has been held captive by the Fascist authorities of Turkey for 37 years and spent 22 years alone in isolation.

He lives only 1 hour by going to the air conditioning and has a lot of serious health problems and is not treated.

Ali Osman Köse had a hypertension crisis about 5 months ago and had severe health problems.

Because of neurological damage to his memory, Ali Osman köse alone cannot meet his basic life needs.

* Can’t Walk Without Clinging

* Bathroom Sink Cannot Meet Its Requirements, Such As Washing Laundry Alone

* Perception is having problems with reasoning and remembering

* He Doesn’t Know His Friends

* He Can’t Eat Alone

* He Forgets Events, He Can’t Remember Medication And Meal Times

* He Has Hearing And Vision Impairment, Difficulty Reading And Writing

Ali Osman Köse was infected with the Covid-19 virus during this process. Ali Osman Köse was given a healthy report by the Forensic Medical Institution. A Normal person should have a kidney diameter of 12 cm, while Ali Osman Köse’s kidney is 9 cm and a cancerous kidney with a cyst. The surgery to be performed in the patient’s household of Tekirdag Namik Kemal University was carried out with excuses and was not carried out with political pressure from the government. Ali Osman Köse was transferred from Tekirdağ City Hospital to Trakya University Faculty of Medicine.

Despite the love, the policy of distraction over the treatment of Ali Osman Köse still continues.

Despite the fact that all your hospitals and doctors who perform the examination “need to be operated urgently”, this “emergency surgery” cannot be performed.


Banner was “Freedom to Ali Osman Köse, the right to health” and slogans were chanted “freedom to Ali Osman Köse, Ali Osman Köse is our honor, Ali Osman Köse is our freedom, Revolutionary prisoners are our honor, isolation is torture isolation is the end, Ali Osman Köse’s right to treatment cannot be prevented. ”

Ali Osman Köse Be Treated Immediately!

Freedom For Ali Osman Köse!

Freedom For All Political Prisoners!



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