Greece Anti-imperialist front and People’s Front Grup Yorum concert event

Members of the Greek people’s front and Anti-imperialist front held an event on May 21 to watch the concert that the Grup Yorum will perform with international participants online. A Cinevision screening was prepared and calls were made in a park in Athens to watch the concert. The concert was followed by the arrival of the audience at the concert site. During the concert, folk danced were performed and “Grup Yorum is the People and Cannot be Silenced” slogan were chanted. Greek artists also came to watch the concert to support Grup Yorum. During the concert, the members of Grup Yorum Greece Committee and Greek artists made a speech by connecting live to the concert and then sang the anthem in Greek. At the folk dances part folk dances were danced with enthusiasm. About 40 people attended the concert, which was also attended by Greek people. The event ended after the concert ended.
Throughout the event the crowed applauded to the songs and kept the tempo with enthusiasm at the eventu.

Grup Yorum Is the people and cannot be silenced

Long Live International Revolutionary Solidarity!

Greek Anti-Imperialist Front-People’s Front


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