Lawyers react to detention of lawyers after attack at courthouse in Turkey

A press statement was made on the operation against lawyers after the attack at Istanbul Courthouse. “Our colleagues should be released immediately,” the statement said.
Lawyers for Justice, Lawyers for Democracy, Contemporary Lawyers Association (ÇHD) Ankara Branch, Lawyer Solidarity, ÖHD Ankara Branch, Societal Law made a statement on the raid of People’s Law Office and detention of lawyers following the attack on Istanbul Courthouse.
Organising a press conference, ÇHD lawyers said, “Our colleagues, ÇHD headquarters executive and ÇHD Ankara Branch Member, Lawyer Nazan Betül Vangölü Kozağaçlı and ÇHD members Lawyer Didem Baydar Ünsal, Lawyer Seda Şaraldı and Lawyer Berrak Çağlar were detained from the People’s Law Office on Tuesday 6 February.
It was stated: “Our colleagues were unlawfully banned from seeing their lawyers for the first 24 hours, therefore they could not see their lawyers and the investigation file was confidentialised.”
The statement continued as follows
“Our colleagues have been detained and are being held in custody in an extremely arbitrary manner, without any concrete justification.
The detention of our colleagues is a result of the government’s attacks on lawyers at every opportunity. In 2013 and 2017, our colleagues were also detained with similar conspiracies, and these conspiracies were foiled during the trials.
Although the government continues its policy of intimidating our lawyer colleagues with its attacks on the defence at every opportunity, we will expose this unlawfulness and defend our profession and the independence of the defence.
We have been told that our colleagues will be taken into police custody today. We call on all our colleagues to stand with our friends and to oppose this unlawfulness.
Our colleagues must be released immediately.”
(News Source: Gerçek Gündem)

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