Let’s remove all together the barriers of language in between the resisting people!

Imperialism attacks the entire people without distinction and wants to discipline them by hunger and wars. The attacks are ideological in one way. The imperialists make information and news their own monopoly and condemn the people to think like them.

While organisations who armed themselves for revolution and the liberation of the people condemn their own people to imperialism and hopelessness at peace tables, our duties as People’s Front are growing.

To transport the resistance of our people, whom they want to make surrender by the represssion of fascism and imperialism, as well as our history of struggle to the people around the world, we need to work harder and we have to become hope for the people.

To break the wall of language between us and the entire people, we need more translators.

Don’t think “What’s a single text”, while our comrades risk their lives with actions, the only hindrance before the lies of the media monopolies are our articles and statements, translated to different languages.

Our struggle can even give hope to political prisoners, whose organisations layed down their arms.

They can see reality by our actions and statements and that resistance is possible despite of all repression of fascism.

We look for voluntary translators to translate brochures about the visits in Syria and Kurdistan as well as the 7th International Symposium against imperialist aggression for the Unity of the people, in English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian language.

Halk Cephesi – Uluslar arası İlişkiler Komitesi

People’s Front – Committee for International Relations



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