Fidel Castro: “If we are defeated, we shall rise again, If the dictators are defeated, it shall be their end.”

Wfidele Promise, Fidel Castro,

We Will Fight until We Establish Socialism!


On November 25, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, reached immortality.

Fidel Castro, aged 90, whom despite countless assaults, the US imperialists, who are turning the whole world into lakes of blood, were never successful in killing, was martyred due to old age and illness…

Fidel Castro has become the hope of all of the world’s peoples with his revolutionary identity, antagonism in the war and by continuing the struggle until victory.

The Cuban people have become pioneers in the liberation from the US imperialists, from their bloodsuckers…

He became loved by all of the world’s people by daring to lead the struggle in impossible situations and, despite his old age, having never given up on socialism. In other words, Fidel’s example helped the peoples of the world to see the despair of the counter-revolutionaries!

Our condolences go out to all of the worlds’ peoples…

Fidel’s, Che’s, Camilo’s comrades live everywhere in the world. The legacy that they left behind gives strength to all of the peoples of the world to lead the struggle against imperialism.

The peoples of the world see imperialism’s desperation in confronting people’s power due to the fact that the values created in Cuba are not impossible!

Don’t allow Fidel’s death to rejoice imperialism…

Because even when leaders die, the legacy that they leave is the legacy of all people…

What makes them leaders are the values that they have created in this case, realising their promises after centuries of conflict…

This is what is done for the people who give a purpose to both life and death…

This is why Fidel Castro will live on in the people’s memory and struggle, even if he is dead!

Wherever a child throws a stone against a tyrant,

Wherever a revolutionary calls the enemy of the people to account,

Wherever there is a struggle against persecution, Che and Fidel are there…

We will continue struggling for socialism… Because we know,

HalkCephesi – International Relations Committee

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