End the “One Type Prıson Uniform” Implement on Özgül Emre!

We Didn’t Wear Prison Uniforms, We Will Not!

Özgül Emre was arrested by the German imperialism on May 16, 2022 and was taken to Rohrbach Prison, for being a revolutionary journalist, fighting against imperialism and fascism and being a revolutionary.

In Rohrbach Prison, Özgül Emre was forced to wear a One Type Prison Uniform. Özgül Emre started an Hunger Strike against this imposition by saying “We didn’t wear One Type Prison Uniforms, we will not,” and today she is on the 43rd day of her Hunger Strike Resistance.

German imperialism does not give Özgül Emre salt and sugar to put pressure on her, to break her resistance. German imperialism is committing crimes and is torturing her by not providing salt and sugar to her. German imperialism wants to murder Özgül Emre.

Özgül Emre’s health deteriorated as she could not get salt and sugar. Today she has become unable to take fluids. This means that Özgül Emre’s health is at a critical point and could die at any moment.

Instead of accepting Özgül Emre’s demands and giving her salt and sugar, the German imperialism forcibly took her to the hospital to force-feed her.

Force-feeding is torture. Force-feeding is an attempt to maim and murder Özgül Emre.
We will not allow you to maim Özgül Emre or kill her!

Özgül Emre is not alone!

We invite everyone to embrace Özgül Emre and show solidarity!

We Didn’t Wear Prison Uniforms, We Will Not!

Accept Özgül Emre’s Demands Immediately!

Anti-Imperialist Front

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