Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Resigns as PLO Head

It appears the leader has resigned for strategic reasons.

According to Saudi-owned pan-Arab television news channel, Al Arabiya, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has resigned along with a number of top-level members from his position as the head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

However, he still retains his post as Palestinian president. It is not yet clear why he resigned.

The Times of Israel reported earlier this week that Abbas’ resignation would be seen as a sign of "political instability" and "factionalism."

Al Arabiya reported that the Palestinian national council has called for an election within the next month to select a new executive committee for the PLO.

However, Abbas, after taking up his position in 2005, has since threatened to resign on several occasions.

An official told AFP that Abbas resigned in a bid to force new elections for the top body.

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