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In preparing the fifth International Symposium for the Unity of the Peoples Against the Aggressiveness of Imperialism, which has been held in Istanbul since the first one in 2009, we are taking steps to put into effect the decisions reached earlier.

In 2009, our call to those resisting imperialism in the four corners of the earth was that “the imperialist policy of ruling the peoples by dividing them up and splitting them, inciting them against each other is to be frustrated by uniting the peoples in a common struggle, and a blow will be struck at imperialism from this front.”

Contrary to the propaganda of imperialist bandits that they can never be defeated, the morale and values of the oppressed peoples will be raised by coming together against the common enemy and struggling shoulder to shoulder against imperialism.

“By increasing the anti-imperialist struggle on a world scale, this will be an important step in the struggle against imperialism.”

From April 14-20, 2013 we had 45 participants from 18 countries at the Fourth Eyup Bas International Symposium for Uniting the Peoples of the World against the Aggression of Imperialism. At the end of the Symposium we accepted the final declaration after discussion: “…The imperialists come together to be better able to exploit the world’s peoples and make them surrender.”We, that is, all the world’s socialists, revolutionaries, progressives, democrats, patriots and  all those fighting for their rights will be a union against the attacks by imperialism aimed at making us surrender. We will create the spirit of international unity and solidarity that the peoples of the world need” was how the resolution ended …

We draw your attention to our modest efforts that we decided to take, with the participation of dozens of organisations and hundreds of people, on communication and information exchange,and the sharing of experiences over the Internet, and we call for a more powerful voice to be raised, with your support and solidarity.

We have prepared this site to further the unity of revolutionary and democratic institutions and organisations against the attacks of imperialism, which uses censorship and disinformation along with its other forms of attacks, and we also seek to use it to develop ways to struggle against imperialist aggression and to supply accurate news to the peoples.

We are everywhere where the world’s peoples are suffering from occupation at the dirty hands of imperialism, are subjected to the torture of fascism, are having the democratic rights won through paying a high price taken away again and are being made poorer every day by the wild exploitation of capitalism. There are seven billion of us. We must add our strength to the forces against imperialism and capitalism. We can take our place in the same ranks and under the same roof of anti-imperialism and anti-fascism, benefiting from each other’s experiences. We have prepared this site because we want to bring together the experiences of the world’s peoples resisting imperialism, to serve the aim of increasing our struggle against all this exploitation, repression and the taking away of rights.

We look forward to your proposals, support and solidarity in raising higher the struggle against imperialism and fascism and uniting our strength and experiences. You can send your news, statements, articles and translations to our site. Moreover we thank you in advance for any support you can give with translations to be published on our site. On the subject of translation, we request that in any work you can do to share the burden of translation, you write to specify from which and into which languages you are able to translate.

Respectfully yours …

People’s Front International Committee site  www.anti-imperialistfront.org

mail: antiimperialistfront2014@gmail.com

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