People’s Lawyer Berrak Çağlar made a statement in front of Şakran Prison

Hello friends, we are in front of the Şakran prison right now. Özgür Karakaya is staying with his friends. They are on the 120th day of fasting today. For now, Özgür Karakaya has no problem other than a certain weight loss. Apart from fasting for 120 days.

But Didem Akman has a very special situation. Since Didem Akman has an aggravated life sentence, she is kept in a cell alone. She has the right to go into the exercise area for one hour a day, but she has no other rights. She is already resisting because of this. There is a request for a companion and an air mattress . Because she said that while lying down, her bones are subsiding.

But the incoming doctors said that she has no obvious problems. They said that we can only give the air mattress as long as you are in bed. She has to clean her exercise area and cell herself. This is Izmir, our client has been on death fast for 120 days. The air is now very hot, when she cleans the cell and exercise area she loses a lot of energy.

Sugar has not been given to her until today. Sugar was given today but caused a burning sensation in her stomach. We think the prison administration is trying to kill our client. In other words, if the client falls today, if she strikes her head, if her blood pressure falls, if she faints, if anything happens to the client and she dies, the Şakran women’s prison will have killed her.

Another thing is that a client who performs a death fast is another client is not trying to die. They re seeking to make their voice heard. They submit their body to death for this. But the Şakran women’s prison also imposes a huge level of isolation on our client. This is the damage caused by  solation treatment, the isolation model and the isolation of people.

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