Republican Sinn Fein on Local and European Elections

Local and European elections were held in the 26 counties of Ireland on the 24th May. While a compliant media carried stories of a “Green wave” in support of the Green party, very little was said of the huge numbers who no longer engage with the electoral system in any way. In some areas the turn-out was as low as 7%.

Republican Sinn Fein presented two candidates in the local elections, and from the reception received at many doors it is clear that the majority of the people here do no longer trust the politicians. For too long politicians and their parties have made a varying range of promises to the electorate, but have fulfilled none.

Continually politicians have used the old line of “that’s politics” when they renege on promises. It has now got to a stage that politicians are collectively lumped into the one bracket of; – Lying, untrustworthy, greedy individuals.

We, as Anti-Imperialists, as Anti-Capitalists, need to work with the disaffected and show them that something better than the same old Neo-Liberal politics is out there. As comrade Che said Otro Mundo Es Possible.

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