Rome-Italy: Resistance of Sibel and Gökhan gaining support

The Anti-Imperialist Front participated in the “Let’s fight against the war propaganda of the Draghi government” event organised by the Partito del CARC (Party of the Committees for Supporting the Communist Resistance) in Rome, the capital of Italy on 19th June 22 as part of the week of political prisoners.

Talking about how and with what tools imperialism’s war policies were imposed on the masses, the speakers touched on how political realities were destroyed by censorship and talked about the effects on the people who remained silent in the face of the massacres against the people of Donbass.

In the speech made on behalf of the AIF, it was mentioned that the main reason for the attack of imperialism and its collaborators against the people was the policies of surrender against those who resist ideologically. It was mentioned that the way to stand up against the ideological bombardment and those who share the crimes of imperialism is to resist and to be anti-war is actually to be anti-imperialism.

The Death Fast Resistance of political prisoners Sibel Balaç and Gökhan Yıldırım in the prisons of Turkey, who made their bodies a shield against these attacks and the policies of surrender is explained. Mentioning the importance of reclaiming this resistance, that there is something everyone can do, and an active call for solidarity is made.

The participants were asked to sign the appeal petition prepared to be sent to the Turkish Ambassador in Rome and the Ministry of Justice in Turkey, which was translated into many languages. On behalf of individuals and institutions, a total of 22 people signed this appeal and offered their support.

Among the speakers who shared the platform with the AEC at the event, journalists Alberto Fazolo and Franco Fracassi, who reported on the dirty war of the imperialists in Ukraine and the resistance of the Donbass people and wrote books on these issues, signed separate appeals.

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