Solidarity Campaign for the Live of hunger strike resister Eda Haydaroğlu increases

Solidarity Campaign for the Live of hunger strike resister Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu increases

In the afternoon of December 10th, AIF organized a urgent Hashtag action for Eda Deniz
Haydaroglu who entered the 268th day of her indefinite hungerstrike in Germany. Eda, later
followed in her hunger protest by Ilgin, Sevil and Lena resists for more than 9 months in
front of the Justice Ministry in Berlin to oppose the anti-democratic law article 129a/b and
to demand the release of 3 revolutionaries from Turkey, Ihsan, Özgül and Serkan, who
recently face political trial in Düsseldorf and are imprisoned only for their antifascist
struggle and political ideas.
Also the Committee against 129 in Germany called for the Hashtag action on this day.
In 1 hour, there were reported 180 tweets with the tag #edamustlive and 200 with #hungerstreik129,
from 42 accounts.
so far reached 1113 people.
In adddition, the solidarity campaign continues in several countries by informing and giving
voice to Eda and her comrades in hungerstrike. People were asked to send letters to the
officials in Germany to draw attention to this injustice and to demand urgent solution to
save the life of Eda.
Further, the call for a 1 day solidarity hunger strike was, within a total of 500 documented
persons, also supported by internationalists in different countries, as Greece, Belgium,
and Austria.
AIF will continue to demand justice until the freedom of the political prisoners, unjustly arrested and repressed under law 129.

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