Statement about the latest raid on People’s Law Office

June 23, 2019

Once again in the middle of the night, the People’s Law Bureau (HHB) was raided and Ebru Timtik, Nadide Özdemir, Ayşegül Çağatay and Görkem Ağdede were detained under torture.

It was presented to the media as a major operation – a total of seven people were detained – Gülser Sarıgül, clients clients Kamile Kayır, Oya Arslan’s brother Özhan Arslan and others. The walls were demolished, the doors were broken, fascism attacked them in accordance with its own nature, and they used the news as an attempt to sow fear among the people and lawyers.

But in no way can fascism accuse the revolutionaries. With the wanted lists they produce overnight, they turned Kamile Kayır into the object of a hunt, with a price on her head, “dead or alive”, which could result in her being murdered. A woman who has devoted her whole life to revolutionism, who was one of the 1996 Death Fast veterans, who came out of the hell of December 19, who put shrouds on the corpses of her comrades and was now targeted with lists. Under the oppressive conditions of fascism, secrecy is a right of the people, neither Kamile Kayır, nor the lawyers, employees and visitors to the HHB, who were its guests for the night, can be accused.
Revolutionism and being a revolutionary lawyer has been made a crime by AKP fascism. It has used medieval methods, witch hunts, nearly 300 revolutionaries and friends of revolutionaries have been detained and arrested … HHB lawyers were arrested, quickly sentenced to a total of 159 years of imprisonment, even families were taken hostage in order to punish their daughters …

Each of those detained in this operation has shown that the AKP’s intimidation policies HAVE COLLAPSED. Those detained in the first operation are in the same place, relatives of lawyers, in the same place …

Fascism cannot intimidate the revolutionaries by using any means of pressure and force, a tradition that has grown from the massacres, the events like December 19, and the resistancs cannot be ended by jailing revolutionaries.

Down with fascism, long live our struggle.
Revolutionism is not crime, it is an honour!
We do not accept the lists, secrecy is not a crime!

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