In the International Symposium against Imperialist Aggression Dedicated to Eyup Bas held in Istanbul for the seventh time on 15th and 16th of April together with the participation of 16 organizations and 21 delegates, imperialist aggression taking place all over the world and peoples’ resistance to imperialist aggression were discussed. The peoples of the Middle East who resist the unlimited ideological and military aggression at the hands of imperialism, the anti-fascist struggle in Europe and processes taking place in Latin America were discussed throughout the symposium. Our symposium salutes the peoples of the world who resist all sorts of attacks all over the world at the hands of imperialism and its collaborators and expresses its support for the rightful resistance of the peoples in the face of massacres.


Together with this approach, the following decisions were taken by the participant delegates:


1 – Before Eyup Bas, we salute the martyrs who have fallen in the struggle against imperialism and Zionism in this symposium held on 15th and 16th of April. We call all revolutionary, progressive and anti-fascist forces who resist the attacks of imperialism to join the Anti-Imperialist Front.


2 – We salute the political prisoners, those who have been taken prisoner in the struggle against imperialism and its collaborators. In order to put up a stronger resistance against the isolation and submission policies of imperialism a committee for solidarity with political prisoners has been established. The decision for the assembly of a committee consisting representatives from Colombia, Mexico, Lebanon, Turkey and Ukraine, and the prisoner organizations recommended by them was taken.


  • This committee will be responsible of:

Specifying the names and addresses of political prisoners

Notifying the attacks targeting the political prisoners and issuing declarations

Organizing solidarity actions with the resistance of political prisoners against oppression


Under this title the decisions were taken to make solidarity visits to Fadik Adiyaman who is on the 80th  day of her indefinite hunger strike and to make press declarations in front of Turkish Embassies in every country. In accordance with these decisions a delegation of 12 went to Tekirdag Prison as the Anti-Imperialist Front on 19th of April and made a press declaration upon the refusal of the prison warden to meet them.


3 – As constituent members of the Anti-Imperialist Front the decision to publish a weekly news bulletin was taken to oppose the distortion of facts and labeling of peoples’ rightful resistance as terrorism by imperialists in this bloody war where the massacre policies of imperialism grow bigger every day.


  • The decision was taken to prepare a bulletin of news that are regarded as important for the countries and organizations of all representatives on a weekly basis and to gathe these news into a common communication network. The People’s Front and Driss Hani have taken the responsibility for building up a news bulletin in English following a month of technical preparations and preparatory work.


4 – The decision was taken to establish a committee to support peoples’ resistance, to provide the necessary solidarity against imperialist massacres and attacks, and to quickly give the first reaction, to send delegations to areas where massacres are ongoing in a time when the imperialist massacre policies have become far more intense.

The primary duty of this committee is to determine a policy against massacres and to perform visits to the places at stake with a delegation consisting of volunteers. In the meeting the decision for Turkey, Ukraine, Morocco, Italy and Colombia to take part in the committee to organize these delegations was made.


It is required to make up a report, inform the peoples of the world and effectively use the necessary means of propaganda following visits.


5 – The decision to organize the 8th International Symposium of Peoples’ Unity Against Imperialist Aggression to be held in 2017 with the committee established by the constituents of the Anti-Imperialist Front was taken. The decision was made for the representatives in this committee to determine the place and the date of the next symposium, to assess the security with the hosting delegates and to decide on panel topics, slogans and calls all together. It has been decided that the suggestion to hold the symposium in Syria be evaluated more extensively and to organize the next symposium by notifying the other constituents.


6 – Threads drawn out of the common assessments of the constituents of the symposium regarding the massacres and attacks targeting the peoples of the world, of the speeches given in various sessions of the symposium and other assessments:


  1. We should side with and strengthen the resistance against the occupation and massacre policies of imperialism and its collaborators in Syria.
  2. We should extend solidarity with the people of Palestine against the massacres and attacks targeting the Palestinian people by Israel.
  3. We should take a stand against the extermination and assimilation policies of the imperialists and oligarchy of Turkey against the Kurdish people. We support the resistance of the Kurdish people, the liberation of the Kurdish people lies in extending the war, not reconciliation with the murderers.
  4. What leaves the peoples without a homeland and forces them into seeking refuge is the policies of imperialism. We should hinder this bloody bargain of imperialism on the basis of fraternity of the peoples.
  5. We side with the resisters in Yemen and Bahrain against the attacks carried out by the imperialist collaborator Saudi Kingdom.
  6. We should extend solidarity against the inclusion of the Resistance Movement and the (Lebanese) Hezbollah in the list of terrorist organizations and the banning of the broadcasts of the TV channel Manar TV.
  7. We support the words of Fidel Castro, “The Cuban people do not need the presents of imperialism” and emphasize that these words should be put into practice, connections with imperialists should be broken and the need for Cuba, a hope for the peoples of the world, to turn its face towards the peoples.
  8. The peace politics in response to the attacks of imperialism merely bring more and more massacres. The only way for the peoples to free themselves from the policy of massacres is to arm themselves.
  9. We support the Anti-Fascist People’s Republic established in Donbass. We support its people’s resistance and the established anti-fascist administration against the isolation attack directed towards it.

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