They want to kill or injure Dimitris Koufontina!

Dimitris Koufontina, a Greek revolutionary, dedicated his life to the revolutionary struggle. He was severely tortured and isolated by the Greek state and US imperialism. Koufontina, who has been imprisoned for years, has been on hunger strike several times. His health deteriorated from the torture he endured. He is now 62 years old and is continuing his hunger strike using only water with no sugar or salt. His request is that he be transferred to Coridallos prison. There he was originally.

The Mitsotakis government takes revenge on Koufontina and wants to murder him.
Let’s not let the Greek secret service, the US and the Mitsotakis government assassinate Koufontina. Let’s show it everywhere.
Koufontina’s health is now deteriorating. Every moment is critical.

In Greece, where fascism has openly attacked, the first target of revolutionary prisoners is to destroy the political dynamics outside. Revolutionary prisoners have always responded with resistance to these attacks against them.
In Greece, where money is provided daily for war and armaments, the terror of the police and the state against the people is increasing steadily.

The Greek government shows its true colors, we will not surrender to the attacks of fascism, we will react with resistance

As a result, arbitrary state attacks began.

Since February 2, Koufontina has continued to resist the hunger strike without taking sugar and salt for 25 days. He lives in a private room at Lamia Hospital, cannot stand, is in severe pain, and the doctors working with the Mitsotakis government say they will intervene violently once the loss of consciousness occurs. Wernicke Korsakoff could be forced to die.

Koufontina’s request is the most natural, but the Greek government does not obey its own laws and wants to openly butcher it.
From here it is our call to revolutionaries, revolutionary organizations and democratic people around the world.
Forced intervention results were published. Hundreds of revolutionaries were murdered, lost memories, unable to sustain life physically alone. The youngest victim in Turkey, Mustafa Koçak. His resistance heard the whole world.

Μιχάλης Καλογήρου (Mihalis Kalogirou) Ministry of Justice, Γενικός Γραμματέας πολιτικής κατά του εγκλήματος-Υπουργείο Προστασίας του πολίτη (Secretary General of Anti-Crime Policy Ministry of protection) Σοφία Νικολάου (Sofia Nikolaou)
The Mitsotakis government is responsible for everything that will happen to Koufontina and they clearly show their hostility with their statements and rhetoric. You cannot give up the people through state repression, let us not let the repressive authoritarian regime murder a revolutionary.

We will not allow revolutionaries to be murdered in prisons.
Everywhere we are, let’s call the Ministry of Justice of Greece and expose them one by one,
Let’s go before the Greek Embassies and carry out actions in support of the hunger strike resistance.
Let’s shoot videos, make calls ..

Sofia Nikolaou Phone Number and Mail:
(+30) 21 1106 3950

Ministry of Justice Telephone Number and Mail:

Τηλ: 213-1307000
email Υπευθύνου Προστασίας Δεδομένων (DPO): dpo@justice.gov.gr

We will not leave the revolutionaries in prison against the attacks of fascism!
Dimitris Koufontina ‘We are not alone!’ we will break the hands that attack the revolutionaries!
Forced feeding is murder!
Down with fascism, long live our struggle

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