10 DHKC guerillas have been massacred in Dersim!

10 DHKC guerillas have been massacred in Dersim!

On January 17 the DHKC (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front) has issued an statement about their guerilla martyrs in Dersim, Turkey. In the statement it is declared that on November 7 a shelter belonging to the DHKC guerilla unit was bombed by the Turkish army.

Only 3 of the 13 guerillas survived the attack. Oğuz Meşe (22, one of the survivors), carried out an armed action on december 7 against a police station alone to avenge the martyrs and was killed in the gunfight. The other two survivors Mahir Bektaş and Leyla Aracı went on and roamed the Dersim mountains, villages and the city without their guns to arm themselves and gain intelligence. On December 28 they got into a fight with the Turkish army and died after a fierce battle.

What happened to the bodies bodies of the 10 guerillas is still unknown. The Turkish Oligarchy is still hiding their names and bodies after more than two months. DHKC in their statement has declared the names of the ten guerilla martyrs:

Kenan Günyel
Mustafa Doğru
Hüseyin Gülmez
Tuncel Ayaz
Murat Gün
Melih Işık
Bünyamin Kılıç
Naciye Yavuz
Hünkar Derya Güneş
Aysun Saban

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