DHKC Statement,

no: 460, 5thof March 2016


A single flick of the people’s justice shook the fortress of oppression.

Two women Front fighters raked the brain of the riot police.

They were two innocent women.

Their innocence came from their righteousness and legitimacy!

On 3rd of March 2016, two women fighters of the Front launched an attack against the Riot Police Division of Bayrampasa, İstanbul with arms and grenades. Their purpose was to call them to account for Dilek Doğan and Yılmaz Öztürk.

The bourgeois media say that it was “An attack against the brain of the riot police in the middle of the city, in the middle of the day.

They ask “Where does DHKP-C find this courage?

The bourgeois media says “Weren’t they innocent?

They say “Weren’t they demanding free education?

Yes they are innocent.

Their innocence comes from their legitimacy and righteousness.

Çiğdem and Berna, they are two of the most innocent people in the world.

Yes they demanded free education. You did not give. You arrested them. You punished them with prison sentences that could take half our their lives. You expelled them from the school.

It was not enough.

This state murdered Dilek Doğan in her family’s house, in the poor slum area of Istanbul and did not even arrest the murderer.

This state murdered Yılmaz, who was on the way to his house.

This state scoffingly demolished the houses of that neighbourhood without any approval, any documentation. The buildings were “illegal”. The biggest illegal building in the country, the Presidential Palace in Ankara, remains untouched but the state demolishes the people’s houses. No one bats an eye.

Berna and Çiğdem equip themselves with their weapons and bombs. They shoot directly at the brain of the riot police in the middle of the day.

And they become terrorists, do they?

We discuss the essence, philosophy, purpose, methods and everything of terrorism with everybody.

But we doubt that the mind-set that identifies revolutionary action with terrorism understood nothing from the philosophy, the societies, science or the history.

Historically, scientifically and politically, who is a terrorist now? Those who kill Dilek in her house and Yılmaz on the way to his house? Or is it Berna and Çiğdem who took action to let everybody hear this massacre and this injustice?

The murders of Dilek and Yılmaz are the massacres committed by the state. Come on, just say “You shall not kill”, just for once… But no, you cannot. And if their parents and comrades are tortured in the courts, dragged on the floors and if the authorities deny their entry into the courts, you would give 30 seconds on the media of the monopolists, that is all. Or is that?… Not at all!

Learn to truth not from the liars but from those who go through it.

Report what happened not the lies.

At least ask questions. What is the name of the organization that murdered Dilek and Yılmaz? Its name is “The State”, isn’t it?

The organization that is called THE STATE is the only organization that attempts to disorganize the people with accusations of “terror” and “terrorist” and that wants to stand as the one single power.

People should be disorganized so that they can easily impose all pressures, bans and impositions.

If the state murders, the revolutionaries expose this massacre and bring it into account.

This is an inevitable sociologic, historical and scientific outcome.

We know that revolutionism is the struggle for democracy.

For decades we are at the forefront of the struggle for rights and freedoms. We are paying the price of it. And we want democracy.

Of course, we want the democracy of the people.

Revolutionism imposes its legitimacy through its own means.

The streets, mountains and the cities of this country was turned into a lake of blood. Unsatisfied with the streets and mountains, they turned the PRISONS INTO POOLS OF BLOOD.

You are taught to see the revolutionary actions as terror.

The definition of “terror” that you are using is made by imperialism.

Imperialists called the national and social liberation wars of the people as “terrorism”.

They named the struggle against the barbaric capitalist system of exploitation, the revolts against injustice and the struggles against imperialist dependency as “terrorism”. You are just parroting them.

If you are ADVOCATING this system, than it is okay. But if you say that it must be changed. HOW?

How can this system of robbery and massacre change?

Those who know that this is a system of exploitation and a mass murderer, those who accept this reality have this problem. Those who say that this system should be exposed and changed must answer a second question… How? The answer to this question is “popular war”. Armed and unarmed, legal and illegal. If there is oppression than there is resistance. Depending on which methods are needed in resistance, armed or unarmed, they must be used.

In this country, are the perpetrators of tortures and massacres punished or not?

This is the question!

The only terrorist that those who are on the side of the people and the righteous should be afraid of is the state.

We are obliged to resist.

Everybody is obliged to resist.

Those who do not resist are crushed.

The revolutionism and the revolutionaries, the struggle for rights and freedoms will ALWAYS be present in this country.

Democrats and revolutionary, everybody should be sure about that and they should become a part of this belief.

We do and will do whatever is necessary for the sake of it.

If the death is one single sip of justice, we know how to devour it.

Our history of revolutionary struggle is the history of your tortures, your historical and political injustice and defeat.

Our revolutionary actions and revolutionary violence are the history of your terror.

And we are not going to surrender to injustice. We are not going to hand over our demand for justice.

We are not going to wait for justice.

From which courts are the people supposed to expect justice, in a country where even the President says that he does not recognize the court decisions?

In this country the justice is torn off from the sun for the price of death. We will tear it off.

An undefeatable life is born from so many martyrs. We will deliver it.

The future is created with the tradition. We are creating it.

And it is a rule: Those who rise against the oppressors should be ready to lose their heads. We are and will be ready.


This is a strong action if two women are firing their weapons at the brain of the riot police in the middle of the day.

AN ACTION WHICH LEAVES THE ESTABLISHMENT UNTOUCHED is not a revolutionary action by itself even if it is armed, even if it created a huge destruction with rocket launchers and bombs of hundreds of kilograms, leaving dozens of dead behind. Because, it is not an action that aims to destroy the system of exploitation. Every single action that does not aim to destroy the system of exploitation is carried out in order to RECONCILE. Neither the police nor the military can be eliminated by shooting only. The following truth should never be forgotten: The quality and the power of an armed action is in its content.

No liberation can be won by reconciling with imperialism and oligarchy. The liberation lies in irreconciliation.

We, the revolutionaries:

We are fighting against imperialism for independence,

Against fascism for democracy,

Against capitalism for socialism. We are defying the death. And we die.

Neither the armed struggle alone, nor the other methods outside the armed struggle can organize the masses permanently.

War emerges as a result of realizing many forms of legal-illegal, democratic, ideological and cultural struggle, small or large in scale, in large or small areas and regions, in all the places where there are masses of people, for all popular classes and sections in different forms and for a long period of time.

The main purpose of all kinds of works, smaller or bigger, legal or illegal is to organize the masses for an armed war.


The Head of National Police in İstanbul asked for people’s help. He asked the people to stand by with the police forces. When our two women fighters rack the brain of the riot police, the Governor of that city makes a call to the people “to stand by the police”. Because our action is right, because our action is legitimate. Governor is desperate, the police forces are guilty.

The call of the Head of National Police was not enough. Heads of the Traffic Police made a call to turn off the flashing lights on police cars at night due to terrorist attacks. Because they knew that the children of the people were in ambush to bring them into account. They own streets and the avenues. They own the day and the night.

Two of the bombs did not explode during the action, but the other two when our fighters were sieged. We do not know why the first two did not explode: We did not manufacture them. But we created the tradition of fighting, resisting, being rightful and legitimate, bringing justice and bringing to the account. We did it.

We do not have weapons. We are going to find.

Nobody is parachuting weapons for us from the cargo planes.

Nobody is constructing airfields and lending weapons to us.

And nobody can blind the eyes of history.

These are all lived realities.


Two comrades,

Two hearts.

The honour saluted them.

They teach about the innocence.

They teach about resisting and fighting for justice.

They will become stones in our hands and the stars in our flags.

They buried the death and they are next to us.



We are paying the price of justice with our lives. The price of our belief is to die but to never turn back. We will not.

We are either going to eliminate the injustice or we will be eliminated.

The justice of the establishment depends on its own laws. But, what about these incidents, are they just? There is no answer in their laws. Is it just to kill the poor children of the people on their streets? You have weapons, they do not.



We call revolutionism what you call crime.

And we are right to the death. That is why we will win.

In a country where the courts distribute injustice, the only justice is the PEOPLE’S JUSTICE.


Dev-Genç is the history of struggle.

Dev-Genç is a school. Dev-Genç is our honour and our confidence for the future.

Oppression, torture and attacks cannot bow the members of Dev-Genç into submission. They are the most honoured children of this people.

Hope is nourished in the hands of Dev-Genç.

Dev-Genç is the vanguard of the revolution.

From Berkin to Dilek… Dev-Genç is going to bring justice to all its brothers and sisters whose blood is spilled.

The members of Dev-Genç are the most honoured and noble vein of this homeland.

We are members of Dev-Genç, we come from the lineage of those who did not surrender.

We are members of Dev-Genç and we fight.

We are waging an academic and democratic struggle for a popular, free and scientific education.

We know that democratic universities and high schools are only possible in an INDEPENDENT TURKEY.

And we are at the forefront of the struggle for independence against imperialism and for democracy against fascism.

That is why every single member of Dev-Genç is a FIGHTER OF JUSTICE!



Çiğdem Yakşi;

Our warrior was born in Eskişehir in 1989. She was the daughter of housewife and a construction worker. She enrolled in Archaeology Department of University of Anatolia but she was expelled because she could not afford the fee. She was arrested many times and imprisoned. She stayed in Sincan Prison for 7 months and in Bakirkoy Women’s Prison for 23 months.

Members of Dev-Genç and the people of Armutlu knew her closely. They were strengthened by her smiles, dynamism and sincerety but also by her outspokenness and militancy.

She went down in history with her picture in the funeral of Dilek Doğan who was murdered in her mother’s arms. The peoples of Turkey saw her near the coffin. She kept her promise to Dilek and Yılmaz, whom she knew when he was a kid. She asked for justice. She was martyred in a clash to bring justice as a justice fighter.

In her autobiography she wrote for her Party, she was saying:

“The Movement is everything I have. My all ties with the life is over the Movement. Like a heart… Like a person cannot survive with a stopped heart, I feel like I cannot survive without the Movement. That is why the Movement means life to me. Not only my life, but the lives of all the peoples living in Anatolia depend on the Movement. That is why I consider the Movement as our liberation, freedom and future.”

In her another writing, she said, “Our Movement is going to make the revolution in this country. Because, we are the only organization that demonstrates the will, the determination and the persistence necessary.

“The movement is my family. It is my closest friend when I get sad, happy or angry. The Movement is what leads me, paves my way, makes me bigger and creates new Çiğdem by developing me. I am the Movement!”

Berna Yılmaz;

She was a member of Dev-Genç. She was born in Malatya in 1989, as a daughter to a night watchman and a housewife. She spent his childhood and youth in Cyprus. She was at the forefront of the academic and democratic university struggle of the university youth in Ankara and Istanbul.

She was first taken under custody in 2007 together with another justice fighter Bahtiyar Doğruyol during the campaign titled “Our common enemy is the United States”.

Which means it was a crime to oppose the United States and to defend the sisterhood of the people, they were taken under custody.

The peoples of Turkey and the AKP government met this young girl after she audaciously opened a banner that said “We want free education and we will take it!” during the speech of Erdogan, an enemy of the people and a murderer.

She was only released as a result of a campaign that was launched thanks to her comrades’ resolute resistance and the people’s support. She continued her struggle. By maintaining her struggle, she showed that she would never give up her demands for free education even if she were arrested.

In her own words: “Those who feed upon the blood of our children, neither your day nor your face will smile. I swear, I am not going to let you laugh…” And she became a fighter of justice like her friends in the struggle Şafak Yayla and Bahtiyar Doğruyol in order to bring into account the enemies of the people who left our children hungry and who massacred them.

She brought justice for the murdered children of the people, for Berkin, Dilek and Yılmaz…

She fought and was martyred with the enthusiasm, determination and resoluteness of Dev-Genç.

The leader of our movement says that “The heart of every Frontist is a poetry book ready to be published… Berna exposed her poetic heart with the poems that she wrote:


“What is life? A breath and it is over.”

Hamide Öztürk said so when she was dying

Arabic girl,

What is life?

Life is bread,

Life is water,

Life is justice,

Life is people,

Life is homeland,

Life is everything that you struggle for.

And if your life is under siege from four directions,

You need to open a breath,

You need to clench your fist,

If your bread and justice is taken away from you.

You need to speed up your steps

If your people and homeland is crying out loud.

We are coming, adding new lives to the lives.

We are coming to be a new breath.

We are walking on the path of the Arabic girl.

Contrary to the horde of parasites,

Who claim that “the life is sacred”

We are multiplying with new Hamides.

Berna Yılmaz.

We respectfully bow in front of their memories. Now the accounts of Berna and Çiğdem is added to the list.

We are growing our demands for justice by adding their strength to ours and by adding their fury to ours.

New justice fighters are going to carry the banner of justice.




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