36 political prisoners in hunger strike in defense of Palestinian political prisoners

This 24 november, 36 political prisoners from 18 prisons in 5 countries answered the call of Anti-Imperialist Front and resisted all together in defense of Palestinian political prisoners. Governments took away the freedom of this 36 man and woman for being revolutionaries. In prison, everything has been done to isolate them from the people, to make them give up their ideology and their struggle and even destroy them physically. Despite being in very difficult conditions to resist, our 36 revolutionaries gave a lesson of resistance and international solidarity to the world.

They fasted one day all together in defense of Palestinian political prisoners, following the path of 20 Basque political prisoners that did the same action on the 27th October. They have been the voices of the more than 10000 man, woman and children captives in inhuman conditions of the genocidal zionist state. Our revolutionaries know that international solidarity in the weapon of the peoples of the world. They know that the peoples of the world have the same enemies ; imperialism, fascism and zionism. after the 7th  October a genocide is going on in Palestine. Israeli zionism and EU-US imperialism are attacking Gaza, which is under total siege. But the heroic resistance of Palestinian People and Palestinian organizations is continuing against the massacres of occupation forces. Our prisoners know that the victory of the heroic Palestinian resistance will be a fatal blow to the governments that put them in jail for being revolutionaries.

Now it is time for us to be the voice of our prisoners and spread their example, action that will be followed by many others. It is more urgent than ever to unite and struggle together until victory.

Defeating zionism is defeating imperialism and fascism !
Defending Palestinian resistance is defending all oppressed people of the world !
To defend political prisoners is to defend humanity !
Long live international solidarity !

We salute the following prisoners who are our honor :

Özgül Emre

Ayten Öztürk

Şadi Naci Özpolat Trikala Prison
Hüseyin Kılıç Korydallos Prison
Thanos Hatziangellou Larisa Prison
Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis Domokos Prison
Halil Demir Chania Prison

Mihail Kononovich
Alexander Kononovich

Portlaoise Gaol, Dublin Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois
Tallaght: Eddie Mc Grath,
Kevin Braney
North Inner City: Martín Manning,
Declan Mc Dermott

Dublin 8:  John Roche
Cork: Sean Walsh
Hydebank Wood, Hospital Rd, Belfast BT8 8NA, Ireland Belfast: Nuala Perry

Roe 3 & Roe 4, Maghaberry Prison, Old Road Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn BT28 2PT, Ireland
Armagh: Brendan McConville,
Sean McVeigh,
Ben McKerr
Shea Reynolds,
Shane Stevenson

Belfast: Christie Robinson
Matt Johnson

Eamon Hutchinson
Derry: Ciaran McLaughlin
Niall Sheerin
Strabane: Charlie Love
Dublin: Seán Farrell
Ciaran Maguire
Tyrone: Kevin Barry Murphy,
Damien “DD” McLaughlin,
Davy Jordan,
Brian Carron,
Gavin Coyle,
Jonathan McGinty
Magilligan Point Road, Derry, Limavady BT490LR, Ireland
Armagh: John Paul Wootton

Statement from Saoradh & Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association [IRPWA]

Irish Republican Prisoners held captive in Maghaberry, Hydebank and Portlaoise Gaols will be embarking on a one day hunger strike along with political prisoners around the world.

The origins in the plans to commence a 24 hour hunger strike lay largely in showing solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners who have doubled in numbers in the past month.

There are currently now over 10,000 Palestinians being held in captivity. Around 1,000 are being held under administrative detention and over 170 are children.

Political Prisoners have long been on the receiving end of the harshest of treatment from state forces. Political activists are often tried in front of military courts which are used to convict Palestinians (including children).

Palestinian political prisoners, hundreds of whom are sick, are held by Israeli occupying forces and forced to live in cramped cells with an ever increasing threat to their physical health and mental wellbeing. The occupying forces have also threatened to eradicate their very limited rights even further by such moves as stopping visits and limiting further social activity.

While it is important for Irish people to highlight these injustices around the world, it is equally as important to highlight the equivalent injustices at home. Palestinian political activist’s homes are being wrecked and ransacked by armed occupying forces. Irish political activist’s homes are also being wrecked and ransacked by armed occupying forces.

Irish Political Prisoners are also subject to degrading treatment and deplorable prison conditions. There is no difference between an Irish Political Prisoner and a Palestinian Political Prisoner. There is an uncomfortableness in some people in admitting that. That’s because with it comes a realisation that it is a lot easier to highlight the plight of others when your thousands of miles away, while burying your head in the sand at the very same issues in your own country.

We call on all those who are highlighting the injustices around the world to get involved in highlighting the plight of Irish Republican Prisoners. We are continuing to face the same injustices you are trying to highlight in Palestine. Stand with the Irish Political Prisoners just as you stand with the Palestinians. Their cause is our cause and our cause is theirs.

We are all political prisoners; we are all one.

In the words of Bobby Sands “I am a political prisoner. I am a political prisoner because I am a casualty of a perennial war that is being fought between the oppressed Irish people and an alien, oppressive, unwanted regime that refuses to withdraw from our land”.

Statement of political prisoner Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis

For the participation in the one day hunger strike of political prisoners worldwide on the 24/11/23, in defense of Palestinian captives.

The revolutionary Palestinian initiative on October 7, 2023 is a new historical culmination of the struggle for social liberation. The breach of the zionist colonialist fortress marks the deconstruction of along-standing regime of imperialist power worldwide. That is why NATO ,through its Israeli gendarme and with the passive consent of all the subordinate states, has responded with the most dense and rapid technocratic genocide in the entire history of capitalism,  promoting through live broadcast its uninhibited and free of any institutional constraints determination to maintain its exploitative domination against popular struggle.

Revolutionary victories upgrade the tasks of the internationalist anti-capitalist movement. Every place must become a link in a common front against the imperialists, their colonialist agents and counter-revolution, from Palestine, Kurdistan, Syria, Armenia, the Sahel, Latin America and all over the Earth. The internationalist movement has the task of immediately launching a counter-offensive inside the capitalist metropolises and organizing the revolutionary people’s war everywhere, until the victory of social liberation.

To defeat imperialist terrorism in the fortresses of the North, so as to defeat it sooner in the peripheral South.
To defeat imperialist terrorism in Palestine, so as to defeat it sooner in the metropolitan South.

Unconditionally with Spartacus against the Empire.

Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis
Domokos Prison – Greece

The duty to fight for the release of our prisoners

The bestial treatment suffered daily by thousands of Palestinians in the atrocious prisons of the Zionist entity called “Israel”, is right now the crudest form of the “science of extermination” within four walls that the imperialist counterinsurgency perfects daily. We should know that the capture of prisoners to use them as helpless slaves and hostages is an old practice dating back more than two thousand years. During this long time, prisoners have been enslaved, tortured and killed, as well as exchanged in some cases. But with capitalism and especially since its imperialist phase, another form of prisoners has developed, those persecuted for political, social, democratic, justice and elementary rights such as the right of self-determination of oppressed peoples. The reason is to be found in the qualitative change introduced by capitalist exploitation in general and imperialist exploitation in particular compared to the previous ones.

Capital needs to squeeze humanity and nature to its last breath and its desertification, which makes that, in response to such ferocity, struggles multiply. This is the reason for the horrifying increase of political prisoners, for the official and clandestine centers of torture and extermination, for the secret flights carrying victims from one country to another with the complicit silence of many States, for the inhuman atrocities in the extermination camps, for the development of the “science of the living death” that is experimented in them, for a whole inexhaustible arsenal of new prohibitions and punishments that culminate in irreversible damage or in murder: The prisons of the Zionist entity are one more example, like the American secret centers, or the “white death” cells of so many capitalist states, without forgetting the “disappearances” that are not communicated to anyone, or are communicated very late and presented as “accidental deaths”.

But this inhumanity being unbearable, we must also focus on at least four issues. The order of priority will depend on each situation:

One, to demonstrate that the prison system is not only an example of the civilization of capital but a laboratory with human guinea pigs–prisoners and prisoners–in which new tactics of the pedagogy of fear are researched and developed to be applied against the people.

Two, to develop a powerful international movement for immediate amnesty, for all rights for the prisoners, for the cessation of all violence and for the persecution and punishment of their judges, torturers and murderers, coordinating demands and mobilizations.

Three, to extend the international movement and link it with collectives, organizations, parties, unions, etc., to publicize and coordinate the actions necessary to achieve them through popular pressure.

And four, to massify a theoretical, political and ethical struggle against imperialist ideology, against racism, islamophobia, fascism, with special attention against any justification and/or indifference to terrorism that viciously beats women and children in the extermination centers.

Iñaki Gil de San Vicente


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