Manifestation for saving life of hunger striker took place in Berlin

On Saturday 02.12.23 there was a manifestation in Berlin. It was an action with the intention to save the life of Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu, who is on hungerstrike for more than 260 days.

With her hunger strike she is demanding the release of her 3 arrested comrades in Germany. She is stressing the injust anti-terror laws in Germany thr so called article 129, 129a and 129b.

Eda and 3 other comrades of her, Ilgin Guler, Sevil Sevimli and Lena Acikgoz also want to draw attention to the double standard in Germany.

While Nazis and right-wing radicals are released from prison for flimsy reasons, revolutionaries have to keep prisoners in custody. There is such a great injustice that 4 people have to go on a hunger strike.

Eda Haydaroglu, Ilgin Güler and Sevil Sevimli are all on hunger strike for over 200 days. So it is critical now for all of them.

Despite the freezing cold in Berlin, more than 300 people from all over Europe have arrived in Berlin.

Our comrade from the Anti-Imperialist front was also there. Here is his report:

I set off with nine others from London on the evening of December 1. We crossed over to France and then collected a few others from the Netherlands before passing into Germany.

We arrived at the solidarity tent a little after noon in front of the Justice Ministry in Berlin. The weather was very cold and we saw our first real snow of the year on the way.

The friends at the tent were happy to see us, we parked the bus and marched to it, shouting slogans. We were told this made the German police nervous. Speeches were made by a number of comrades, including Eda in a wheelchair who described the campaign and the chicanery of the German police and authorities.

We set off on the march to the Bundestag, a distance of about three kilometres, but we marched quite slowly behind a sort of propaganda truck. A German police vehicle was in front. We marched down Unter den Linden as well as a variety of side streets, shouting slogans like “Freedom for all political prisoners” with the propaganda van periodically making making over a microphone in Turkish, German and English.

We finally arrived at the Bundestag, in a snow-covered square near it, and further speeches were made. There was an announcement of a rally to take place that evening at 7 pm in front of the consulate of Turkey, but we in the bus back to London had to set off.

After making farewells we did so, dropped off the people from the Netherlands on the way, and then crossed back to England. Morale was good but it was clear the hunger strike was taking its toll of Eda, physically though not in terms of spirit of sacrifice.






A hunger strike for justice, of a kind not previously seen in Germany. Lasting over 250 days…

Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu, Ilgın Güler, Sevil Sevimli Güler and Lena İleni Açıkgöz have been on unlimited hunger strike for over eight months in front of the German Justice Ministry in Berlin. The background to their hunger strike is the imprisonment of the journalist Özgül Emre, Yorum music group member İhsan Cibelik and the anti-fascist Serkan Küpeli in Germany since last year. All three have been under investigative arrest for over 18 months under the paragraph in German law 129B.

The investigative arrest according to this paragraph is the result of an order by the German justice minister, which is a huge interference in separation of powers.

This explains the resistance in front of the German Justice Ministry and the demand for the proceedings against Emre, Cibelik and Küpeli to be cancelled. The three are accused of membership in a foreign terrorist organisation, namely the DHKP-C (under 129B) and this is declared justified by taking part in officially announced rallies and concerts (mainly by the music band from Turkey Grup Yorum) and even in funerals and engagement ceremonies in Germany!

That means this paragraph attacks democratic rights and freedoms everywhere!

Even the accusation of membership is enough to be prosecuted. This means this paragraph affects everyone who attended demonstrations or is politically active against the prevailing system. It is a social problem and not one of particular individuals! It affects us all!

Eda, Ilgın Sevil and Lena are struggling for all of us!

Eda has been on hunger strike for over 240 days and her health has reached a critical stage!

Eda must live!

Let us not let anything happen to Eda, Ilgın, Sevil or Lena. Solidarity saves lives. Indifference and silence lead to deaths!

The demands are legitimate and must be fulfilled.Eda has no time left… Let her death be prevented!

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